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Best Rabbit Breeds as Pets

There are many reasons that people love rabbits as pets, and one of those reasons is that many breeds provide love and affection. Some will develop deep bonds with their owners and will become an irreplaceable part of the family. Here is a list of the top 10 affectionate breeds that also sport decent temperaments.

Flemish Giant Best Rabbit Breeds

If youre looking for an extremely large rabbit, then the Flemish Giant is for you. This bunny averages 15 extra pounds but it can consider upwards of 22 and also grow over 4 feet long. They often tend to have a range of colors like black, blue, fawn, grey, and also white, and their undercoat can be really light.

Because they are such huge creatures, they require professional handlers. Their diet regimen needs to be curated to avoid weight problems, and its finest to maintain them far from toddlers. However, their plus size features a downside in terms of longevity. They live a simple 5-7 years.

The Age You Get The Rabbit Will Have An Effect On Its Personality

If you get the rabbit at 12 weeks or older it has started to get used to the original owner or breeder. This is a fine balance and as a rabbit raiser, I do my best to play with them just enough to keep them friendly but not attached to me. Ideally, you want to get your rabbit at 8 weeks old.

I have bought rabbits that are over 4 months old and it takes MONTHS if not a year or more before they are completely trusting of me and forgive me for not being the person they are used to.

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Chinchilla Best Rabbit Breeds

The Giant Chinchilla rabbit was developed by reproducing chinchilla bunnies and Flemish gigantic rabbits. These bunnies are large they can weigh approximately 16 pounds and also live upwards of 8 years in bondage.

Their fur coats can show tan, black, blue, silver, as well as gray, typically in bands around their body. These rabbits are understood for their goofy behavior, big bodies, and cosy ears.

They do require unique look after brushing. If they eat way too much of their fur while brushing, it can trigger digestive issues.

What Does A Good Quality Diet Include

10 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds for Children

A good guinea pig and rabbit diet will be high in fibre with moderate protein levels as well as provide some fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This can be achieved by providing your rabbit with ad lib good quality grass or grass hay . This should make up 70-80% of your rabbits diet.

A small amount of a good pellet mix can also be fed and a range of fresh leafy green vegetables and herbs should make up the rest of the diet. Fresh vegetables and herbs that are appropriate to feed include but are not limited to Asian greens, watercress, cabbage, broccoli, carrot tops, celery leaves, silver beat, parsley, mint and basil. Fruits should be used as treat items only.

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Pet Rabbit Breed Sizes

While the breed of a rabbit, in most cases, has little impact on its quality as a pet, you may be interested in the size of the rabbit when it is adult or full-grown. Here are the breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, grouped by size:

Small Sized Rabbit Breeds – 2 to 6 pounds

  • American Fuzzy Lop

Britannia Petite Best Rabbit Breeds

The Britannia Petite is from Britain, and also its a really little rabbit that only evaluates concerning 2.5 extra pounds when it is completely expanded.

These rabbits have a physique with a really obvious back arch. Their heads are wedge-shaped and they are covered by very pointy-looking ears.

These bunnies can show up in several colors and also patterns consisting of white, black, chestnut, sable, as well as more. Several of them can also have red eyes!

These bunnies are extremely energetic, so it is unusual for them to lounge with their proprietor. Theyre great family pets for people that want an animal to have fun with!

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Rabbit Breeds That Will Become Your Best Pet Companion

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  • Start Preparing for Your Very Own Pet Rabbit
  • There are at least 305 domestic rabbit breeds across 70 countries in the world, with many breeds being developed through selective breeding as opposed to natural selection.

    With this many rabbit breeds, it can be difficult selecting one as a pet that will suit you as different rabbit breeds vary in personality and behavior.

    Similar to when choosing a new dog or your next chicken breed, some rabbit breeds are extremely active and energetic, while others are calm and shy.

    In this article, we list our top 10 popular rabbit breed pets outlining their personality traits, size, maintenance, and healthcare upkeep as well as the best food and play toys. Keep reading for the ultimate guide for rabbit breed pets.

    What Should I Consider Before Choosing A Pet Rabbit

    Which Rabbit Breed Is Best? | Pet Rabbits

    Having a rabbit demands commitment. If you bring it home, and then realize that it was not the right pet for you, it will be the rabbit that will end up suffering the consequences. Before you ask yourself which rabbit breed is best for you, be sure to consider the following:

    • Available space: Rabbits vary in size from minis, which weigh as little as 2 pounds as adults, to giant breeds, which can weigh over 20 pounds. You must choose a rabbit breed according to the available space in your home.
    • Small children: Small rabbits can be unsuitable for a home with small children, as these fragile bunnies could suffer serious injuries when handled by small children. To add to this, the smaller breeds tend to be more nervous and fragile, so I would not not recommended as pets for small children.
    • Long hair vs short hair: Long-haired rabbits require considerable grooming to prevent their hair from becoming entangled. These rabbits have no possibility of keeping their coat clean and tangle-free by themselves. As a result, you must dedicate a lot of time to their brushing, grooming, and daily care. Short hair rabbits require less grooming effort. Failure to take care of this causes great suffering to these animals.

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    Argente Brun Best Rabbit Breeds

    The Argente Brun rabbit is a French type that is known for its unique color, a brown color that has actually areas mixed with silver.

    These rabbits have ears that stand up, alert eyes, and also an excellent demeanor. These bunnies will certainly typically rest on their owners laps and enable themselves to be held and family pet.

    They are large rabbits that consider anywhere from 7 extra pounds to 12 pounds at their largest. Argente Brun rabbits can live between 7 and ten years, too!

    Dalmatian* Best Rabbit Breeds

    Additionally called the Dalmatian Rex, this bunny is medium-sized and recognized for its coloring.

    As you may envision, this rabbit has white fur with black, grey, or blue touches giving it a similar aim to the pet that shares the very same name.

    These rabbits can weigh between 6 as well as 8 pounds, and also theyre not acknowledged by the ARBA, but they are identified by the British Bunny Council. These rabbits are thought about energetic as well as kind, so theyre great pet.

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    Best Lap Bunny: Chinchilla Rabbit

    Smart, cute, active – rabbits have many different personalities. But if youre looking for a rabbit breed thats sweet with kids and ready to binge-watch your newest show with, a Chinchilla rabbit might be the best pet rabbit for you .

    This pretty breed likes to relax. So if youve always thought of yourself as someone who wants to curl up at the end of the day with your fluffer, well, this bun will hit the spot.

    Bonus Points: The Chinchilla rabbit is known to enjoy getting petted.

    Caring For Pet Rabbits

    15 of the Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

    Learn everything you need to know about caring for a rabbit including basic bunny information, feeding guide, husbandry, and veterinary care.

    Rabbits make wonderful pets! They are generally friendly, curious and cuddly creatures that will quickly become part of the family. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about the care of rabbits available, and the wrong advice can lead to a range of problems.

    We hope that you will find this care sheet informative and enlightening and hope that you can take away a few tips to keep your rabbit as healthy and happy for as long as possible.

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    Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Make Good Pets

    Giant rabbits such as the Flemish Giant can make an excellent family pet, although, its important that youve done your research on their specific care needs before signing any adoption paperwork.

    For instance, if you are unable to socialize your Flemish Giant Rabbit when they are still young, you may risk missing the opportunity to mold their temperament into one that is calm and gentle, which could spell trouble for you and your family trying to raise them.

    If their temperament is properly attended to when they are young, the Flemish Giant makes a great pet for homes with children. However, these rabbits do grow to be very large, which means young children may not be able to lift them properly. The Flemish Giant needs to be picked up with care to prevent any spinal damage related to their large size.

    English Spot Best Rabbit Breeds

    The English Spot bunny is similar in shade to the Dalmatian bunny in the sense that they can both be white and have black places. These bunnies have darker shade markings around their eyes, as well. They can be black, gold, lavender, and several various other colors, as well.

    These bunnies were bred as show animals, so theyre used to being managed. They can live for 5 to 9 years, and also theyre a tool type that consistently weighs between 5 as well as 8 extra pounds.

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    Smartest Pet Rabbit Breed: Harlequin Rabbit

    This calico-like rabbit breed is easy on the eyes and as curious as they come. In fact, youll probably want to purchase a toy box for this bunny because she is crazy about toys.

    Youll find that this cutie pie always wants to be a part of the action and is one of the easier rabbits to walk on a leash.

    In other words, this fluffer isnt going to shy away from new things if approached gently.

    New Zealand White Rabbit

    20 The Cutest & The Best Pet Rabbit Breeds In The World

    There are studies that describe cute and sweet New Zealand White rabbits as both heat and cold tolerant, which means that they adapt very well to outdoor living as long as you provide them with proper shelter. Their short white fur is easy to groom, and they are docile and easy to handle, so they can be pets for any family, including those with kids. New Zealand white rabbits are very adaptable and make fantastic companions! Just have in mind that these are large breed rabbits that weigh 10 to 12 pounds and will need a larger hutch.

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    Dwarf Papillon Best Rabbit Breeds

    The Dwarf Papillon was the 50th rabbit type identified by the ARBA in 2020. They were initially bred in Germany under the name Zwergschecken.

    These rabbits are generally white with numerous visible patches of brown or black around their eyes, as a spot around their nose, and spots around their body. They have a silky layer that can be unclear, as well.

    The Dwarf Pappilon just grows to about 2 pounds in weight, so its not huge. Theyre extremely curious as well as energetic by nature, so theyre great pet dogs if you such as to observe animals.

    Pellets For Rabbit Food

    Its crucial that you keep pellets fresh and only purchase brands with a minimum of 18% fiber.

    Be careful not to buy six weeks worth of food at one time as this will run the risk of the pellets becoming spoiled.

    As your rabbit grows older, their diet should consist of fewer pellets. Our favorite brands of rabbit pellets are Alfalfa Pellets for younger rabbits and Kaytee Timothy Complete Pellets for older rabbits.

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    A Complete Guide To The Best Indoor Rabbit Breeds To Keep As Pets

    Rabbit indoor breeds like the American Rabbit and the Mini Rex are great indoor rabbit breeds that are calm and gentle. With plenty of exercise always being a necessity for your indoor pet rabbit, a roomy cage allows for plenty of movement and freedom throughout the day. Keep in mind that your rabbit still needs plenty of free time each day to hop around outside his cute cage.

    According to the American Rabbit Breeders Association , there are 49 rabbit breeds to choose from. That said, its important to learn about the breed characteristics, since it only makes sense to focus on how domestic rabbits need to be handled and looked after.

    Most rabbits need to be handled daily to keep them calm, and should not be left alone in their cage every day. Additionally, some rabbit breeds do not make for a good childrens pet.

    Most rabbit breeds make good companions for a pet parent that has the necessary amount of time to spend. With no two bunnies being similar in temperament or needing the same products, pet parents should spend time researching accessories and nutrition that will help their pets live a longer and happier life. Lets take a look at the most popular indoor rabbit breeds.

    Beveren Best Rabbit Breeds

    15 of the Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

    Beveren bunnies wonder and also active animals that can mature to 12 pounds in weight as well as live for 5-10 years. They are among the largest rabbits that youll see on this list, so they need quite a bit of space.

    These bunnies show up in a selection of colors, including blues, whites, and also red. These rabbits are terrific animals as well as reveal rabbits, so a range of people can enjoy them!

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    If Youre Not Sure If A Rabbit Breed Will Make A Good Pet Ask A Breeder

    Before you buy a rabbit and you are not sure if you will like the breed. Try to find a breeder that will give you all the info. If they are open and practically unload on you. Then you know they are being honest. But if they are short-answered you might not be getting the full story.

    It takes time to learn about animals. Dont be in a rush if youre not sure a breed is right for you.

    Rabbit Breeds For Meat Fur And Wool

    Certain breeds of rabbits are referred to as commercial breeds and are most commonly raised for their meat because theyre large, grow fast and reproduce often. These breeds include the Californian, New Zealand and Champagne dArgent, all of which weigh between 10 and 12 pounds.

    Other rabbits raised for meat include some of the worlds largest breeds, including the Flemish Giant. The Flemish giant was exported to America in the early 1890s to help improve the size of meat rabbits during the great rabbit boom, a time of increased public interest in raising rabbits throughout the U.S.

    Large breeds of rabbits were primarily created for their meat. Though many large breeds make good pets, most people opt for smaller breeds as pets because they require less feed, space and maintenance.

    If it wasnt for the meat end of the rabbit industry, a lot of the big magnificent breeds would simply disappear, Cammock said.

    Other types of rabbit, such as the Rex, are prized for their lush fur. And the four recognized breeds of angora rabbits are raised for their soft wool, which is gathered by combing or sheering. Angora wool has long fibers that can be spun into soft yarn and used in felting.

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    Best Rabbits For Pets

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 50 unique rabbit breeds, but there are over 300 breeds currently in the world so how do you decide which bunny should become a part of your family? Keeping rabbits as pets can be so rewarding, as they are smart, affectionate, and make good companions without requiring much in return. However, not all rabbits are bred for the role of house pets there are simply some breeds more suited than others, thanks to their great personalities and ease of care. Read on to see which 10 breeds make our list of best pet rabbits out there and find your new friend!

    Trying To Find The Friendliest Rabbit Breed Its Tempting To Choose A Rabbit Breed That You Like The Look Of First But That Does Not Mean You Will Choose One Of The Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

    Best Rabbit Breeds for Beginners

    There are also some key factors that will have an effect on a rabbits personality. Causing it to be not so friendly.

    So let me share some tips with you to help you get the friendliest rabbit possible. Of course, its not full proof but its better than going in blind.

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through one of my links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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    Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

    When youre shopping for an item, there are certain things that you should look for in the product. These include:

    How to choose the rabbit breeds for pets?

    • Read Reviews The first thing you need to do when buying a product is to ensure you get the right one. The best way to do this is by reading reviews and asking friends who have bought it. If you want to go through buying something online, you can use e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart for maximum results.
    • Design and style. You want an item that is attractive as well as functional. You also want one that fits in with your home décor.
    • Reputation Many things must be considered when looking for a product, including brand reputation and customer feedback. Nothing is better than knowing what people think about a particular product before buying it. A good example is how many people have bought it and what they think about it.
    • Availability The next thing on your checklist should be the product’s availability in stock at all times in your area or city. This will help ensure that you dont end up waiting forever before getting your hands on something you want at an affordable price.
    • Safety features. You want to ensure your child is safe while using the item. Make sure that there is no chance of injury or accident.
    • Reliability. The rabbit breeds for petss are durable and reliable, so they can be used repeatedly without breaking down.

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