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An Honest Review of Bread Beauty Supply | New Black Owned Hair Brand

Although my 2B/2C hair isnt Breads target hair range, Ive been surprised at how effective everything was for my thick, dry, high-density waves. My personal standout was the hair mask, a marshmallowlike cream. It smelled just like coconut whip, and as I scrunched it into my hair, I was taken aback by the softness and fluffiness it immediately imparted. After air-drying, my head was showing off the best curl pattern it has had in months.

I was also impressed by the hair wash, which has kept my greasiness at bay much better than some of my stronger cleansers. The hair oil, when applied right after the shower, was perfect for glossing up each strand without weighing anything down. The one downside I experienced was how non-ergonomic the wash and mask were I had trouble squeezing the bags with wet hands, so I imagine folks with mobility needs may want to decant into another container. That said, this line both smelled incredible and performed beautifully. I plan to purchase replacements when Im done.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair

Quite literally the best thing since sliced bread, BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY is all about equipping you with the right tools the hair necessities, if you will and much like bread, each mask, shampoo, oil or scrunchie is a basic essential. Whatever your vibe afro, cornrows, twisted braids, bangs, big buns, closely-shaved, whatever their vegan, cruelty-free basics are for hair thats anything but. Encouraging simplicity and embracing natural textures, BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY specialises in curly hair types from type three to type four and everything in between allowing you to spend less time on washing and more time on just doing you.

Going above and beyond in its hair-caring role, BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY’s hair-oil: everyday gloss is a versatile treatment that floods thirsty tresses with glossy hydration!

Apply as you like – to wet hair after wash and mask, or dry hair in-between wash days. Add a few drops to hair-mask, or your body cream – or use as a pre-wash oil treatment.

Glycine Soja Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Parfum , Terminalia Ferdinandiana Seed Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool

Item limited to a max quantity of& nbsp5000

In stock – Usually dispatched within 24 hours

Monica Burton Eater Editor

I tend to be pretty low-maintenance with my 3B hair, so Breads three-step system really appealed to me. The in-shower experience was great: The hair wash and the hair mask both smell delicious . I also liked the packaging more than I expected. I found the bags made it easy to squeeze out product without wasting any, although having to keep track of the small cap is a slight downside.

The hair mask is probably my favorite of the products the slip on the conditioner made detangling a breeze, and after slathering on the oil as the final step, my hair dried super soft with tons of shine. It also felt incredibly light and had way more movement and volume than Im used to .

Still, I havent cut my hair since February, and it shows. While I was loving how big and curly my hair looked on day one, by day two the curls lost much of their definition, turning mostly to frizz. Using the oil between washes helped add some of the curl back in, but for a wash-and-go style, I need more product. That said, Ill definitely be using the hair wash, mask, and oil alongside some styling products with more hold.

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Mallory Johns Business Development Vox Media E

My hair is firmly type four shes curly when shes soaking wet and coily when shes dry and she needs lots of TLC. After countless hours trying gels and creams and watching my favorite YouTubers washing and styling their hair, I can confidently say Ive found my holy grail stylers and leave-in conditioner. But Ive struggled to find a shampoo that really gets the job done without stripping my hair completely dry. Enter: Bread. I was skeptical that all Id need to do was use their hair wash, mask, and hair gloss , but I gave it a try.

Upon receiving my samples, I was struck by the packaging its so bougie and the hefty portions. As any curly-coily girl will tell you, it takes a lot of product to fully saturate our curls, so hefty portions are key. Second thing I noticed were the smells. Divine. The hair wash smells like Fruity Pebbles and the hair gloss smells like SweetTarts.

I could have ended right there, but lately Ive been obsessed with individually finger coiling each and every section of my hair, so I added my holy grail hair gel, diffused it, and went to bed. The next day, I woke up, added more Hair Oil Everyday Gloss to my 80-percent-dry curls, and reshaped them with more of the gel. I was amazed at how good my day one hair looked! A little frizz, which is to be expected in late August, but overall my curls were juicy and my hair smelled delicious.

My verdict: tens across the board. I would definitely recommend this to all my curl-friends.

Jaya Saxena Eater Staff Writer

Bread Beauty Supply Everyday Gloss Hair Oil P460551, Color: 3 3 Oz 100 ...

I have hair on the 3A side of things, and have always had a bit of a Goldilocks problem with haircare. Either its made for hair much coarser than mine so it weighs mine down, or its made for people who do a lot more styling to my hair than I do. I admit I was a little apprehensive of Breads instructions that I separate my hair into four sections and massage each product in I was raised in a quick-shower household but, then again, thats probably what I should have been doing with my hair this whole time.

The products smell amazing, like Smarties candy and vanilla, and really made my hair feel smooth and hydrated. The hair oil was a little unwieldy to get out of the bottle, but a little felt like enough to keep my hair from getting really frizzy without making it too heavy or greasy. My curls feel as good or better as they have with Miss Jessies, Mixed Chicks, Briogeo, and all the other products currently on my dresser. It definitely seems worth the cost, though Ill always be slightly resentful that Ill never be able to get away with a cheap drugstore shampoo.

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Bread Beauty Supply Is Transforming Natural Haircare

Since its 2020 launch, Bread Beauty Supply has been championing inclusivity and diversity in the haircare space. Founder Maeva Heim has made no secret of her commitment to providing better experiences and products for people of color, specifically Black women. The brand is redefining what it means to look after your hair, one product at a time.

Wash days can feel like an extreme chore at times, and Bread Beauty Supplys mission is to change this for natural hair types all over the world. The brand believes haircare routines should be fun and not forced. Whether you’re looking to maintain curls, baby hairs, frizzy bits, or braids, Bread Beauty Supply has all the essentials you need to get through wash day with some well-deserved ease.

Bread Beauty Supply

Founded: In 2020, by Maeva Heim.

Location: Perth, Australia

Pricing: $$

Best known for:Hair-Oil, a silicone-free, multi-purpose oil designed to help you achieve a glossy, hydrated finish for curls or any texture.

Hero product:Hair-Cream, a curl-enhancing cream with conditioning and healing properties. The product even won one of our 2022 Eco Beauty Awards here at Byrdie.

Fun fact: Bread Beauty Supply almost ended up with a completely different name when Heim first created the brand. I knew that I wanted to create a brand that was focused on hair care basics, so I thought of basics in other categories and landed on Bread, she tells Byrdie.

Erica Smith Beauty Writer The Cut

Being a curly-haired person who also identifies with the lazy-girl hair lifestyle is very hard, so Im glad this line exists. I stopped using styling products completely in March and have basically been living in a variety of curly buns two things this line supports whole-heartedly.

My favorite product is the Milky Hair Cleanser. The milky texture is heavenly, and the faint lather gets you the thorough cleanse of a shampoo, with the gentle, hydrating feeling of co-washing, which I love. I could honestly stop after this step, since it left my 3C curls completely content: clean but not crispy moisturized but not weighed down soft, while still embracing all my natural frizz. Because of that, the mask and oil were more like nice-to-haves for me. The former feels like a special, velvety treat on an extra-long deep-condition day, while the latter is more like a quick pick-me-up for instant shine or perfuming hair.

Speaking of scents, those are my only qualms with the products. Theyre all extremely sweet-smelling in a nostalgic way . If thats your jam, youll love them each leaves your hair noticeably scented after use. I like more toned-down or earthier scents, so it was a bit much for me. Ill probably promote the cleanser to the role of my regular shampoo, though.

Also, the silky puff scrunchie is perfect in every way. It lives in my hair now five stars.

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