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Gluten Free And 100% Whole Wheat Settings

Cuisinart 2-lb Bread Maker (CBK-100) Demo Video

It was surprising to see Gluten Free and 100% Whole Wheat settings on the Cuisinart CBK-100. These are the kind of options that usually are available on the higher priced machines. Better yet, customer reviews indicate that both settings work well with gluten free and 100% whole wheat recipes:

The gluten free cycle is perfect. It bakes the best gluten free bread we have ever had.

Not all of the comments were as positive as this one although this next person seemed to be more bothered by the complexity of some gluten free recipes rather than the machines performance.

If Youre Looking For The Best Value For Money:

The CBK-200 is your best bet. If you have the few extra bucks to spare, the additional features are definitely worth it. You get premium-quality bread whenever you want, without having to go to fancy cafés or bakeries. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, so your investment is protected for the next 3 years to come and knowing Cuisinarts quality maybe even more than that.

Now that weve gotten a closer look at Cuisinarts CBK-100 and CBK-200 Bread Maker, have you decided which one you will get? Let us know through the comments below. Happy baking and much love, ciao!

Cuisinart 2 Lb Bread Maker

We know finding the time to make homemade bread is impossible, so let Cuisinart do the work with 12 preprogrammed options! Simply choose the ingredients your family loves and the Bread Maker will take care of the baking. You can also customize your recipes with our versatile Bread Makerâs three loaf sizes and three crust colors. With a convenient 13-hour Delay Start Timer, that wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread will greet you as you walk in the door.


  • 12 pre-programmed menu options, 3 crust colors and 3 loaf sizes offer over 100 choices
  • Removable lid with viewing window
  • 15-minute Pause Bake-Only option

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If Youre A Rookie Baker Or Prefer A Simpler Technology:

I find both models easy to use and have a user-friendly control panel. Having a decent-sized LCD display panel with labels really helps a lot too. But just for the fact that the CBK-200 has a bit more options than the CBK-100, it may cause confusion to those who are just starting to learn about baking or those who are not really into having too many options.

Cuisinart Cbk 100 Programmable Breadmaker Review

Cuisinart Bread Maker Cbk 100 Recipes

Making loaves of bread and pizza dough with a bread maker at home has become very popular for modern families. Who wouldnt love a freshly baked loaf of bread with dinner every night?

  • Programmable bread machine bakes 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-pound loaves
  • 12 preprogrammed menu options 3 crust settings 13-hour delay-start timer
  • Viewing window removable lid, pan, and paddle for quick cleanup

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The Recipe Booklet For The Cuisinart Cbk 100

The basic white setting includes recipes like: basic white loaf, oatmeal, cinnamon swirl, granola bread, rosemary bread, pesto, blue cheese and olive, sundried tomato and mozzarella, beer bread, potato, three cheese, nutty low carb, low carb buttermilk, and low carb seed loaf.

The French/Italian includes the next suggestions: French loaf, rustic Italian loaf, country French with olives and rosemary, herbed dill French, Parmesan peppercorn French, pignoli bread, semolina with fennel & golden raisins, and English muffin roasting bread.

The gluten-free setting has some recipes corresponding to it, too: gluten-free rye bread, gluten-free apple, cheddar and walnut, gluten-free molasses walnut loaf, and gluten-free nut and seed loaf.

You can use the following recipes with the dough cycle: French baguettes, brioche, cheddar breadsticks, sweet potato clover leaf rolls, molasses rolls with currants and pecans, pizza dough, herb focaccia, pretzels, whole wheat kalamata rolls, garlic, herb and cheese knots, cinnamon swirl rolls, basic sweet dough, and raspberry cheese danish braid.

The jam setting can be used for the following recipes and many others: tomato chutney, peach, mango, papaya and apricot jams, strawberry rhubarb jam, pear and ginger preserves, blueberry lime jam, and plum cassis preserves.

There are plenty recipes.

Many I havent tried or even tasted.

If Youre Low On Counter Space:

Both bread maker models have a classy stainless steel finish and can make up to 2 lbs. of bread. The CBK-200 may be lighter at 16 lbs. but it requires a little more space than the CBK-100. This is because its packing the convection fan. It measures 19 x 16 x 13 inches compared to CBK-100s 18 x 12.25 x 15 inches. Its not much of a difference but when youre tight in space, every inch matters.

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Recipe Book With Recipes For All 12 Bread Settings

Many people appreciate the recipes included with the Cuisinart CBK-100 but the directions are typically brief identified by volume rather than weight , and more than a few people were dissatisfied with the overall quality of the recipes and the directions.

All attempts at using Cuisinarts recipes and instructions have been met with complete failure however, Panasonic recipes and instructions produce excellent bread. I have decided to keep the machine and recycle the recipe book.

Its a bit unusual to see a pattern of complaints for a recipe book, but most owners seem satisfied with their results and many have used their own recipes with success. Even then, there appears to be some fundamental errors in the recipe book.

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Cuisinart CBK 100 Programmable Bread maker reviews
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The bread maker sports a stylish, classy design and wont look out of place in your kitchen. It has 12 preprogrammed settings, three crust settings and a viewing window to track progress. The machine also has a 13-hour delay start timer for future meals. Easy to keep clean, easy to operate and enjoyable to use, youll get plenty of use out of this practical and versatile appliance.

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Cuisinart Compact 2lb Bread Maker

  • 12 preprogrammed menu options fully automatic, easy to use
  • 3 crust shades light, medium, or dark
  • Bakes up to a 2-pound loaf
  • Vertical baking pan for counter-friendly compact design
  • Removable kneading paddle and bread pan
  • Viewing window and interior light to monitor the baking process Easy-to-read LED display
  • 13-hour delay start fresh bread, anytime!

Intuitive And Easy To Use Touch

The Cuisinart CBK-100 features 12 preprogrammed settings including basic/white, French/Italian, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, gluten free, packaged mix, cake/quick bread, dough, pasta dough, jams, bake only and rapid rise. It also has a timer so you can pre-set the baking cycle up to 13 hours in advance if you want to come home to fresh baked bread, or wake up to a sweet bread in the morning.

The only lament from owners was the lack of a customizable feature that would allow them to alter or change bread settings.

This machine is not at all flexible with programs, it has preselected menu and doesnt appear to have any other options.

Once again this flexible setting option is often seen on more expensive bread machines, but given the range of options available on the CBK-100 you should be able to accommodate most of the breads you like to make.

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Hour Delay Start Timer

One of our favorite features across bread machines is the ability to delay the start of the baking process. Whether thats setting up the bread maker to deliver a just-baked loaf as you come home from work, or if you prefer waking up to the smell of fresh bread, the delay timer is your friend.

Thankfully, the Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker has that feature and allows baking to be delayed for up to 13 hours.

If Youre Into Experimenting Different Types Of Bread:

Cuisinart CBK

Go with the CBK-200. It has 16 preset options that allow you to try different types of bread. It also has a 15-minute pause feature that allows you to change the shape of your dough or put in some extra toppings or fillings. It has a low-carb and artisan baking option that is hard to find in other bread maker brands or models, even in its price point.

I also want to point out that it has 4 specific rapid bake options, plus the last-minute loaf and quick bread/cake setting. As a busy mom, I really appreciate having these extra features on my bread maker.

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Should You Buy The Cuisinart Cbk

One concern with the Cuisinart CBK-100 is the way the bread maker alerts you when its time to take out the paddle when the kneading cycle is done. The unit produces a loud beep, and there is no way to silence it or reduce the volume until you remove the paddle. It wont be a problem if youre cooking during the day, but it’s annoying if you cook your bread at night.

If you have the room, the Cuisinart CBK-100 is a solid bread maker at a mid-range price that offers many settings. The construction is solid, and the normal, horizontal loaves are perfect if youre making sandwiches or toast.

Cuisinart Cbk : The Differences That Justify The Slightly Higher Price

The design of the two Cuisinart bread maker units is highly similar.

The Cuisinart CBK 200 is prettier and the control panel is a little more sophisticated.

The control panel also suggests one important thing.

There are more preprogrammed menus than the 12 integrated by the Cuisinart bread machine CBK 100.

Theres 16 of them: white, white rapid, whole wheat, whole wheat rapid, French/Italian, French/Italian rapid, quick/cake, gluten-free, low-carb, dough/pizza dough, artisan dough, sweet, sweet rapid, jam, last-minute loaf , and bake only.

I must admit, its an impressive list.

The pasta dough is missing.

And it might justify the higher price tag for Cuisinart CBK 200, as compared to Cuisinart CBK 100.

If you dont like either of these affordable makers, I can suggest two expensive alternatives: the Breville Custom Loaf and the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme.

So, what do you think, which of the two Cuisinart bread makers wins?

In my opinion,

The Cuisinart bread machine CBK 100 is a perfect bread maker that offers so much for its pretty affordable price, whether you buy it for the whole family or just for yourself.

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Good Bread Maker For A Decent Price

I own this bread maker and I have been pleased with my purchase. It has some downsides to it, but has been a pretty good machine overall. The bread it makes is incredible. To me, that is the most important feature. The dough rises quickly and the bread is really soft. It has a great deal of features as well. You can make many different kinds of bread. Due to all the features, the instructions can be a little overwhelming. If you do not want to take time to really learn how to use a bread maker, I would recommend a different model. However, if you take the time to learn how to use this one, I do not think you will be disappointed. Like I said, it makes excellent bread and the price on it is really good.Stability While in UseI have never had any problems while using this. The procedure is simple and easy to make the bread. It holds up great while in use.PerformanceI think the bread it makes is incredible. I find it to be much better than any store bought bread.Ease of UseYou have to spend some time learning how to use the machine or it will frustrate you.


Cuisinart Bread Maker Cbk 100 Vs 200

Cuisinart bread maker CBK-100 How to fix a skipping paddle

We independently research our recommended products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our links.

Its the ultimate battle of the low-cost bread makers: Cuisinart CBK-100 vs CBK-200.

Which is the best for you?

Dont worry, weve got the answers.

Cuisinart hold a longstanding reputation as producers of versatile mid-range bread makers, and the Cuisinart CBK-100 and Cuisinart CBK-200 are two of the most popular bread machines on the market.

While both have an impressive array of features , the CBK-200 offers a little more for the more experienced baker albeit for a higher price.

This review will explore whether its worth paying the higher price, and which machine wins in the battle of Cuisinart Bread Maker CBK 100 vs 200.


  • 2.6 So Cuisinart CBK-100 or CBK-200?
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    What Others Say

    In order to make an informed choice, I always go and read customers reviews. As for the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker, I read over a dozen of those and every single buyer was happy with the purchase. We can outline the following advantages of this appliance:

    • Bakes bread in 2 hours, and also has a 13-hour delay timer
    • The appliance is able to make various dishes aside from just baking bread
    • Good and detailed manual
    • High durability
    • Nice viewing window

    After reading lots of reviews on this bread maker, I was convinced on the quality of the appliance. Buyers claim that the product is very durable if taken proper care of.

    The viewing window of the Cuisinart bread machine works very well too, and it does not steam, according to the reviews. Moreover, owners of this bread machine favoured the manual that comes along with the device.

    Few of the great recipes achievable in the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker include banana walnut bread, jams, dumplings dough, and chutneys.

    Where To Buy is selling the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker for slightly below $80 with free shipping. Free shipping implies that your order will be delivered 5-8 business days after all your items are available to ship, including pre-order items.

    Currently, the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker is in stock.

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