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Where To Find Cheap German Shepherd Dogs

What’s the price of a German Shepherd puppy?

If you are on a budget and want to get a GSD, then you can get a German Shepherd from marketplaces like Craigslist. Some people sell their unwanted puppies for a lot less. However, these are not purebred puppies but mixed breed puppies. They can cost around $200 to buy but you should be aware that they can come with questionable temperament and health.

If you do get a GSD dog from such places, you can end up spending a lot more money on vets than the price of a purebred GSD puppy.

How Our Systematic Breeding Strategies Positively Influence The Temperament Of Your Future Puppy

When it comes to choosing breeding males and breeding females many factors come into play, which can present issues if a breeder does not have a set of criteria they use to select sires and dams.

Here at Hayes Haus we have developed a breeding methodology that makes identifying German Shepherd dogs fit for breeding a systematic process. And though the process is complex, it’s all based on a simple acronym T.H.I.S .

Analyzing a dog’s behavioral history is by far the most difficult assessment to ensure accuracy on but with that said, it’s quite possible the most important… Doing so includes how the dog interacts in everyday social scenarios as well as how he or she has been kept . If you could choose between having your future puppy’s mother and father having lived in a cage their whole life, or inside with a loving family, which would you go with?The answer is simple. Two other factors we consider are the extent of the dogs training and their enthusiasm while working with a handler.

If we mistakenly chose a dog with sub-par temperament for breeding, the decision could negatively affect the temperament and personality of each puppy in the litter. While we recognize that perfection is impossible, we do our absolute best to protect against potential mistakes. And it’s important that whichever breeder you choose does so as well.

Pet Insurance For German Shepherds

  • $0$60 per month

Getting pet insurance is not required for all dogs or owners. It is completely up to you whether or not you decide to get pet insurance. Most insurance companies offer pet insurance at around $60 a month.

If you do not want to pay for pet insurance, you can simply set up a savings account instead. A savings account for your pet can help you out on a rainy day, but it also means you dont have to pay a monthly fee.

Are you interested in getting health insurance for your new dog? Lemonade offers customizable insurance plans and responsive customer service.

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Many Colors Of The German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Show dogs emphasize bold colors preferably of the well-known black and tan saddle markings. West German show dogs are often red or mahogany in place of tan. In working lines, you will see darker colors, especially in the DDS dogs. Other colors in a German shepherd for sale are solid black, white, sable, bicolor, blue, liver, and Panda. Panda dogs look like tricolor German Shepherds, a result of a rare KIT gene that causes piebald or a specific expression of white spotting. A sable German shepherd is one with different bands of color on one hair shaft. In the GSD, sable usually shows up as black and tan in a nondescript pattern that does not show a distinct saddle. Some sables look like they have more of a wolf coloration. Blue represents a black German shepherd with a dilution gene that gives the coat a grayish color. Blue and liver GSDs as well as other dilutions receive severe penalty points in the show ring. Nevertheless, blue and liver show up in place of the dark areas in the sable German Shepherd as well as black and tan and bicolor. A white German shepherd can register in the AKC as a purebred but cannot show in conformation classes. Separate registries have established a community for the White German Shepherd whereby owners can show against their peers just like comparable conformation contests in the AKC. A bicolor dog is a black German shepherd with minimal tan markings.

Are German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Aggressive Dogs

Long Haired German Shepherd Pups For Sale : Full Black Long Hair German ...

German Shepherd Mixed with Great Pyrenees can be vocal and may intimidate some people with their barking. They may inherit the territorial quality of the German Shepherd and may occasionally become overprotective of their family if they sense something is amiss.

However, this is somehow tamed by the gentler nature of the Great Pyrenees which shows a mildly cautious approach towards strangers.

Overall, the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees are not overly aggressive and can be trained to be more tolerant through early socialization.

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Wrapping Up Our Final Thoughts

Ghost the White German Shepherd

Weve reached the end of our article on White German Shepherd price.

You could always start your search for a White German Shepherd by visiting a local rescue organization or finding a dedicated White German Shepherd rescue such as Echo Dogs.

If youre looking to bring home a White German Shepherd pup, your first port of call should be the UKC or UWSC.

Based upon our research, White German Shepherds can cost between $2000 and $4000.

Additional Costs To Factor In

In addition to initial costs and monthly payments, there are some other additional factors you need to think about. For starters, obedience training is really important for dogs of this size. Obedience training can be a bit expensive at first, but it will be worth it in the long run.

You need to pay for a pet sitter or kennel whenever you go on vacations and your dog does not come with you. If you are buying a German Shepherd puppy, you may also have to pay to replace or fix items the puppy damages.

Think about accidents or unforeseen illnesses too. These can cost a whole lot in vet visits. So that you arent swamped with unforeseen bills, we recommend having an emergency fund for your dog or pet insurance.

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How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost A Gsd Price Guide

Home » German Shepherd » Breed » How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost? A GSD Price Guide

German Shepherd is one of the most common dogs in the world. Due to their immense popularity, many people are looking to buy this dog. The question is how much will it cost you?

Please note that buying a GSD puppy is not the only cost you have to bear. There are other expenses too which you will have to afford. We will break down the costs in detail which will occur after you buy the German Shepherd puppy.

In this detailed German Shepherd Price guide, we will be discussing how much does it cost to buy a GSD puppy? How much does a German Shepherd cost and what are their monthly expenses? How much does a baby German Shepherd cost? How to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder? What is the best place to buy a GSD puppy and where you can get a puppy for a cheap price? Without any further ado, lets get right to it.

Tips To Find A Good And Reputable Breeder

German Shepherd Mom Has Her Paws Full With 3 Cheeky Pups | Too Cute!

Here are some useful tips to recognize a reputable breeder.

  • A good breeder is not looking to merely make money on the sales of German Shepherd puppies. A responsible breeder loves dogs and takes proper care of them. It will reflect when you go to their place to buy a puppy.
  • The puppys mother should be living with them.
  • A good breeder does not sell puppies under 8 weeks old. Those breeders who just want to make money fast will try to sell puppies who are younger than 8 weeks.
  • A good breeder will ask you several questions to determine whether you can take care of the GSD puppy. They are not in a hurry to sell you the puppy. A nice breeder asks you many questions regarding your home and personality. They may also ask you to get in touch with them via social media.
  • A responsible breeder takes care of its puppies even after the sale. If the puppy you bring home has any health problems, you can take the puppy back to the breeder and get it checked or exchange it. If you are having any issues with your dog, you can call the breeder and ask for information and guidance.

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Great Pyrenees Mixed With German Shepherd Grooming And Cleaning

As an owner of a German Shepherd Pyrenees, you are lucky because both the parents of the Great Pyrenees Shepherd Mix puppies are low-maintenance in the grooming department.

Regardless of whether the German Shepherd Pyrenees puppy inherited either the coat of the Great Pyrenees or that of the German Shepherd, his coat will not mat or tangle but will shed throughout the year.

Even if the coat does not mat, grooming should still be a part of its regular care, so here we have some tips for you:

German Shepherd Puppy Health Guarantee

When you take your puppy home, it will be:

  • Up to date on all required shots
  • Free of worms and parasites

Our future health guarantee is unmatched in the dog breeding industry:

  • Protected against genetic health issues that affect working ability for one full year
  • Hips guaranteed against severe hip dysplasia for two full years
  • Hips guaranteed against severe hip dysplasia for three full years if fed a raw diet of Life’s Abundance food

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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Price

Since a German Shepherd Mix Great Pyrenees is hard to come by, you could be wondering if the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix price is affordable or not. The great news is that the Great Pyrenees mixed with German Shepherd puppies are sold for as low as $1,000.

However, depending on the parents lineage, its not unusual to find puppies that are sold for over $3,000.

Should You Get A German Shepherd

Archive: 1

German Shepherds are intelligent, confident, and friendly. Theyre always eager to help their owner as a working dog or a companion. This pooch will get along well with anyone in the family.

With a lifespan of seven to ten years, you can be sure youll live an amazing life with your German Shepherd by your side.

If youre looking for an active pup to be by your side and you can handle the first-year costs and beyond of adopting this pooch, then certainly consider getting a German Shepherd.

Do you have a GSD at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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German Shepherd Price 202: Buying Guide & Ownership Cost

The cost of a purebred German Shepherd is high because of its popularity as a working dog and even as a family pet in the United States. In fact, this breed is in the same price range as the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd. But how expensive is a German Shepherd?

The average price of a Standard German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder is around $1,500 to $2,500. This price range might still increase, especially if you get a show-quality GSD puppy like West German Show Line, West German Working Line, and Czech Working Line, or one with a rare coat color like Blue German Shepherd.

Other factors, such as the breeders location and popularity, age, gender, and certification, like AKC papers , also influence the pricing of the GSD puppies.

How about if you want to adopt an adult or senior German Shepherd dog? Adoption fees for German Shepherds are usually around $300 to $550. Is it possible to get them for free when you rescue this dog breed?

In this guide, well cover how much it costs to own a German Shepherd, covering everything from where to buy or adopt this purebred dog, the initial GSD puppy price to vaccination, food, grooming, medical expenses, and other pet supplies.

Is It Expensive To Own A German Shepherd

People can spend at least $12,000 on this dog during its lifetime of 7 to 10 years. This means the yearly cost for a German Shepherd can be from $1,200 to $1,750.

Owners can expect to spend about $100 to $150 per month. Some of the factors that contribute to this cost are:

Gear $10-$50

Bringing a German Shepherd puppy into your home for the first time is exciting, but it is also one of the most expensive times.

Setup Cost

After buying a German Shepherd puppy, you will also need to invest in all of the items that are necessary for bringing one home. Your puppy will need a bed, crate, food, toys, pads, a harness and leash, ID tag, brush, shampoo, nail clippers and bowls.

All of these things can add up and you can end-up spending $350.

Vet Fees

Once you bring your puppy home, you will need to vaccinate, deworm, and give it its flea and heartworm preventatives.

Most reputable breeders will have given your puppy their initial round, but it is up to you to keep up with the vaccine schedule and preventatives.

Depending on the vet this can be between $100 and $200 on each visit.

As your dog gets older, it is likely that you will only need to visit the vet once a year for an annual checkup and vaccines. These visits can cost $75-$300.

The most common diseases these dogs are prone to are elbow and hip dysplasia. They can also get bloating from a twisted stomach. Health insurance will vary by state, but it can cost between $30 and $120 per month.



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How To Care Of Your German Shepherd

It is always exciting to bring a new dog home. When you introduce a German shepherd to your family, you may feel you have joined the cool club. You want to provide your Shepherd with the appropriate care. German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs and a herding heritage. Your GSD will not do well alone nor will she like not having anything to do all day. You need to provide your dog not only with attention, food, and love but also a meaningful job or activity. Agility, Schutzhund, herding, or interactive games can keep your Shepherds mind active. Be imaginative. Your GSD puppy should eat three or four times a day. An adult German shepherd should eat four to six cups of high-quality dog food daily with an animal protein source in the first five ingredients. Divide feedings to help prevent bloat or GDV. Your Shepherd may need as much as two hours of exercise daily. Best results come from breaking physical activities into two or more sessions a day rather than doing all of them at once. For your young German shepherd puppy, you need to focus on not injuring its growth plates. Never pressure a puppy to keep going beyond the point he has indicated he wants to stop. German shepherd puppies need more time than some other dog breeds on socialization. The GSD is beginning to develop a reputation for unprovoked biting and is receiving bans in alarming numbers because of poor breeding, improper training, neglect of socialization, and handler mistreatment.

German Shepherd Price Uk

Blue Heeler vs German Shepherd

On average, the cost of a German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder in the UK is £2200. Decent UK breeders will ensure health and temperament testing. However, UK puppy prices range from £1800 to £3,000, the cost varying due to lineage, color, type, and litter size.

Again, I obtained these figures from a random selection of ethical UK breeders.

UK Breeder

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The Average Price Of German Shepherd Dog In Canada

The German Shepherd dog holds the silver medal spot in Canada. They are the second most popular dog breed in that country.

According to Google Canada, people are more interested in dogs than cats this year, and the most popular dog breed was a German Shepherd.

And what about their price? Well, the price starts from $800 to $2500. Due to the increasing interest in this breed of dog, the price has also risen, and will probably continue to grow.

What Are The Additional Costs To Consider When Owning A German Shepherd

1. Professional Grooming

Thankfully, grooming a German Shepherd is low-maintenance. Youll only need to buy a $20 brush to keep their loose fur under control and to keep their coat looking shiny and healthy.

You can bring them to a professional groomer once in a while if you cant bathe your pooch at home, but that cost isnt too expensive, and its not often.

2. Training and Socialization

Since they were bred to be working dogs, German Shepherds are relatively easy to train. They enjoy working and learning new things. However, that doesnt mean you can skip training and socialization.

Training classes, especially in obedience, will be ideal whether you want your pup to be a guard dog or a family pet.

You can expect to pay about $50 to $100 for training classes. Theyll do well in private classes, or group training will also socialize them with other dogs and people.

3. Others

Other costs include licensing for about $15 and microchipping for about $40. Then for dog walkers, which is about $20 per day, and boarding for about $40 per day, deworming for up to $50. And for pet insurance, expect an annual average of $565.

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Helpful Dog Health Resource:

Note: Our Health is #1 Priority. It should be no different for your dog. But you need to help him. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is the answer. This handy guide will help you recognize the symptoms of the health problems above. Get the knowledge to stay ahead of these terrible issues that can rob your lovely dog from vigor and life. Help your friend make it to 14 yrs+ without pain and suffering.

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