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This Adventure Bread Is Special Because:

San Francisco Sourdough Bread Series: Day 12 – Advanced artisan recipe: Gluten development & shaping

This bread is gluten free and vegan, containing no flour at all and instead relying on psyllium husks to bind it all together.

It is browned and crunchy on the outside and dense and chewy inside making for a wonderfully satisfying bite.

It is SO simple to make, and uses just your hands, a spoon, and a bowl. No kneading, and no mixers required.

It freezes extremely well. I always slice the whole loaf up into 16 thin slices and freeze it, throwing a slice in the toaster whenever the urge strikes.

I most often eat this bread with good butter and flaky Maldon sea salt, but it makes a superb avocado toast and open face fried egg sandwich with a little mayo and arugula.

Top Things To Do In San Francisco

  • Urban hikes Lands End and Baker Beach, Take a stroll through Golden Gate Park, or Fort Funston.
  • The best Urban Hike in San Francisco : Start at the Golden Gate Bridge, walk through the Presidio to Baker Beach, continue on the Lands End trail to the Cliff House, and then catch the sunset on Ocean Beach.
  • Ferry Building Stop by the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, Dandelion Chocolate, Mariposa Baking Co., Blue Bottle Coffee.
  • Dolores Park Grab a picnic and head to the grass. Be prepared for some interesting people watching.
  • Sightglass Coffee Cupping If youre into coffee, this is the best coffee roaster in San Francisco. Well worth a visit. Info here
  • Heath Ceramics in the Mission. Also, check out their factory tour and seconds store in Sausalito for discounted ceramic pieces.
  • Check out AT& T Park and catch a Giants game! Dont miss the dedicated gluten free food in the Hearth Table area in left-center field

Planning a trip to San Francisco? Theres more where this guide came from! Check out our other San Francisco travel guides that we put together to help you plan an incredible trip.

What Makes Trader Joes Sourdough Bread San Francisco Different

Trader Joes Sourdough Bread, San Francisco gets its distinctive sour flavor from a strain of bacteria native to the area known as lactobacillus San Francisco. The true key to making San Francisco sourdough bread is, in addition using a yeast known as candida milleri. To put it another way, the identity of the mysterious component is not a mystery at all: Its being carried by the breeze.

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Flour Craft Gluten Free Bakery

Flour Craft gluten-free bakery has two locations in Marin County-one in Mill Valley and one in San Anselmo.

Flour Craft is not only a bakery with a wide assortment of gluten-free breads, pastries, cookies, and scones but also a gluten-free restaurant/café offering a 100 % gluten-free menu! From breakfast pastries to tartines and salads and even avocado toast! Plus you can order custom gluten-free cakes in a wide assortment of flavors and styles. This place is a gluten-free HEAVEN.

Why Youll Love This Recipe:

Gluten Free SOURDOUGH BREAD STARTER yeast San Francisco SAMMY plus ...
  • Spreading some butter over sourdough bread, creating a sandwich for breakfast, or enjoying a very excellent ham and cheese on it are all wonderful ways to enjoy this kind of bread.
  • When you have had enough of eating the same old bread, you should switch to this bread since it has a great flavor and is priced reasonably.
  • Because it has such a pleasant flavor, sourdough bread is notoriously difficult to ruin, but I like my bread to be on the softer side and somewhat chewy most of the time.

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The 15 Best Places For French Bread In San Francisco

ciaoasia: Their french bread roll was soft, but not crispy on the outside. Still on the hunt…

Kirill Mazur: Great fried rice and coconut Tom kha with seafood! Great place and works daytime.

Monica Kirst: Best Bahn mi in the Inner Richmond. $4 each.

Matt Kiser: Been coming here for 20 years with my dad. It’s not nearly the dive it once was, but every meal still starts off with fresh French bread and a shot of clam juice.

Nicole Lippman: The benedicts come on french bread.

Kseniya Makarova: Classic SF staple. Any of the iron skillets are great

anup jacob: Get a city resident card

Matt: The bul-go-gi sandwich is a must try! Tasty beef and crusty French bread. Service was great! We asked for gluten-free but since they don’t have it, they offered us a free dessert! Excellent!

Anton Khodakivskiy: best cafe in the hood. their sandwiches are best in town.

Aaron Lapierre: Great little spot. Solid bulgogi sandwich and the owners are adorable. Learn the story of sourdough French bread, how it is made, and why it can only be made in San Francisco and nowhere else in the world.

Candice Martin: Sourdough any way possible tasty smoke salmon sandwich ..great spot

Karen: Excellent pizza, also comes in thin crust. Recommended: meat lovers.

Ricky A: A little hole in the wall place with good prices. Got the Mediterranean pizza and it was delicious. Don’t let the location creep you out at night, plenty of lights under the free way and roads.

for you

Gluten Free San Francisco

I am so excited for you to experience the San Francisco gluten free scene. Let me give you some quick background on this gluten free guide before we get started, though.

First of all, I am a careful celiac and I only eat at places that understand cross contact. If youre in the same boat, youll love my gluten free guides!

In San Francisco, there are a LOT of 100% gluten free places to support, but I also feel comfortable eating at certain shared restaurants .

Second, this is not a completely exhaustive guide to gluten free San Francisco. That would be impossible! There are so many restaurants that cater to celiacs in this city, and there are always new ones popping up. However, over the years Ive eaten at way more restaurants than you could visit in an average trip to San Francisco. In this gluten free guide, youll have plenty of restaurants and bakeries to choose from without being overwhelmed.

Where To Found Trader Joes Stores

As of the 19th of January in 2021, there are 530 Trader Joes locations around the United States. The majority of establishments were between 10,000 and 15,000 square feet . With 183 different retail establishments, California is the state that leads the pack. Every single area is accounted for here. Every company has an employee who is responsible for producing artwork that is representative of the surrounding community. In certain establishments, there is a game called find the mascot, in which young customers have the opportunity to win a collector item by revealing its whereabouts to a member of the stores staff.

Top Picks: The Best Gluten Free Restaurants In San Francisco

Mariposa – 100% Gluten Free Bakery in San Francisco

Heres a link to my with things to do, places to see, and of course, the best gluten free food in San Francisco.

My picks for the best gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and bars in San Francisco are below. Scroll down to read more in the full guide.

  • Best gluten free bakery:
  • Best 100% gluten free restaurant: Pica Pica
  • Best Celiac-friendly restaurant: Tie between Nopalito and Firefly
  • Best cider bar: Upcider
  • Best wine bar: Robberbaron or High Treason
  • Best coffee: Too many to list, but Saint Frank and Sightglass are special

If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Were happy to chat about your upcoming gluten free adventure in San Francisco, and give you some itinerary recommendations.

Sourdough ~ The Holy Grail Of Breads

Sourdough is truly the holy grail of bread. Once you master this, you will have truly have mastered the art of bread making.

It isnt hard to make, but it does take time and a bit of technique. With practice, you will get a feel for your sourdough starter and for your sourdough in general. Yes, they all have different personalities and characteristics. Get to know yours, what it likes and dislikes.

Learn to trust your instincts and remember it is a process. Enjoy the process! It really is quite rewarding and absolutely delicious!

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A Closer Look At San Francisco Sourdough

While sourdough starters and bread made from starters have been around for thousands of years, the term sourdough has a pretty short history. It is a US term that came into use during the California Gold Rush days of the late 1800s.

Many gold miners obtained provisions in the booming coastal town of San Francisco before heading up into the mountains, and a good bread starter would have been a vital necessity. Starters from that area produced bread with a unique and particularly sour tang. Thus, the starters and bread from that area became known as sourdough.

What is the difference say to my beginners organic sourdough bread recipe? WATER or in bread terms hydration! There is less water in this dough which will create a stiffer dough and a crackly harder crust with a good crumb. It also rises considerably more than my beginners recipe.

Williams Sonoma Pop Up Shop

Gluten Free S0URDOUGH BREAD STARTER yeast dry yeast mix San Francisco ...


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Beach Street Grill Organic Restaurant

Beach Street Grill in Fishermans Wharf has breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but its their breakfast options that are really worth gloating about. With pancakes, Eggs Benedict, French toast, sausages, omelettes, and freshly squeezed orange juice, Beach Grills has all the breakfast goodies celiacs only dream of! The celiac-friendly restaurant uses a separate grill, toaster, and utensils for gluten-free food and the staff are knowledge about what is gluten-free and cross-contamination! The food is really good, but its pricey, especially since you are charged extra for gluten-free options. I guess I shouldnt expect anything less, as it is in a super touristy area.

380 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA | Visit Website

San Francisco Sourdough Bread Recipe

Are you ready to tackle this recipe? Great! Couple quick tips. Get a scale! Bread making is a science and measuring should be exact.

Next, purchase a true San Francisco sourdough starter. It makes a difference.

Finally, dont overthink this. It should be fun and remember it is a learning process. Enjoy the process and give me a shout out if you should have any questions.

  • Total Time:4 hours 35 minutes
  • Yield:2 loaves 1x

A Traditional San Francisco Sourdough Bread Recipe!

Gluten Free San Francisco Map

To help you navigate your way around San Francisco, I created this map of the city. You can download it to your phone and use it yourself!

The dark blue points are dedicated gluten free, the light blue points are non-dedicated but celiac friendly, and the house icon is where I stayed in San Francisco on my last visit!

Meet Gluten Free Sourdough Breads Rising Star: Bread Srsly

San Francisco Sourdough Bread Series: Day 10 – What makes San Francisco Sourdough Bread special?

Meet Sadie Scheffer, a San Franciscobased gluten free sourdough bread baker with the quiet confidence of Mona Lisa and loaves of bread thatll inspire you to shamelessly indulge again.

STANDING BEHIND A TABLE at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in San Francisco, doling out loaves of freshly baked sourdough from her two-year-old baking company, Bread SRSLY, and surrounded by clamoring fans, Sadie Scheffer seems more like a celebrity chef than a twenty-five- year-old startup baker. But after crafting what is undoubtedly the best allergy-friendly sourdough bread in the Bay Area and beyond, her star status is warranted. Sadies bread does not taste like good gluten-free bread.

It tastes like good bread. Moist and airy with a hard crust and trademark sourdough tang, its the kind of stuff that James Beard was talking about when he said, Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts. While Bread SRSLY will elevate any sandwich, heaven can be found in a simply toasted and buttered slice.

Made using whole-grain, certified gluten-free flours and local and organic produce, its also egg-, soy-, nut-, sugar-, dairy-, tapioca-, garbanzo bean, potato starch, and bakers yeastfree, making it a lifeline for pretty much any food- restricted bread lover lamenting the loss of one of lifes most glorious eating pleasures.

A Different Kind Of Travel

Following a gluten-free diet doesnt mean you cant indulge in delicious baked goods and treats like the rest of the world. There are plenty of gluten free bakeries in California that cater to celiacs or those with gluten sensitivities, especially in some of our largest and most populated cities. These bakeries offer everything from gluten free cakes, pastries, and sweet treats to gluten free bagels, pizza, bread, and more..

If youre traveling in California, try one of these amazing gluten-free bakeries for your gluten free carb fix.

Gluten Free San Francisco: A Complete Travel Guide For Celiacs

I created my Celiac City Guides to simplify gluten free travel and take the guesswork out of traveling with Celiac Disease.

Why listen to me? Im a Celiac with seven years of experience exploring San Francisco 100% gluten free, and I know it like the back of my hand. Take the guesswork out of eating gluten free in San Francisco with a detailed travel guide made for Celiacs, by a local Celiac.

Hi Fishermans Wharf $40

I stayed at HI Fishermans Wharf on my most recent trip to San Francisco and wow, it was perfect for a gluten free traveler. Keep in mind it is a hostel, but we had a private room and it is a calm, quiet place on National Park land.

There is a massive kitchen on site which is ideal for celiacs. It was also easy walking distance to gluten free restaurants including Asian Box, Greens, Cafe de Casa, In-N-Out, and the ferry to/from Sausalito. Also the slightly longer 45 minute walk to Mariposa Bakery along the water is stunning.

Oh, and for anyone else with a car there is FREE parking. Thats unheard of in San Francisco.

How To Make Josey Bakers Adventure Bread:

Bread SRSLY: Authentic San Francisco sourdough made gluten

Step 1. Mix dry and wet ingredients well in a large mixing bowl.

Step 2. Pack into a loaf pan and spread the top.

Step 3. Cover and refrigerate for 6-12 hours.

Step 4. Remove from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature.

Step 5: Bake. Baker calls for a 350 Degree F. oven, but I like 400 Degrees F. This gets me a more browned exterior, which I personally prefer. Feel free to use either temp.

Step 6: Let cool completely and enjoy.

Gluten Free Restaurants In Oakland California

Just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, youll find lovely Oakland, California, which has a couple of solid gluten free restaurant options, and is worth the trip if you have an extra day .

Buck Wild Brewing: For years, Ive been lamenting the fact that there are no gluten free breweries in the Bay Area. And finally, someone has answered the call! Buck Wild Brewing makes 100% gluten free beer with naturally gluten free ingredients , and they serve food made by Kitava! Its another story of someone who went gluten free, said why are there so few gluten free beers that are actually good, and created their own. They have a great taproom in Jack London Square, where you can try a flight of their beers, grab some cans to go, and enjoy some 100% gluten free food on their patio on a warm Oakland day.

: While the location at the Ferry Building in SF is great, this is where the gluten free bakery started, and continues to be their baking facility. Youll find a larger selection of 100% gluten free baked goods here. Its a great place to stop for lunch if youre over in Oakland.

C Casa: A dedicated gluten free Mexican fast-casual restaurant in Emeryville, which is where I worked for five years. Everything is gluten free. You might be scared off by the prices for a taco, but theyre MASSIVE. You wont need more than two per person.

Closed in 2020, unfortunately.

Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

The sassy name gives you an idea of the fun attitude at Sweet Cheeks, which isnt a completely gluten-free bakery, but they do put a focus on providing specialty vegan or gluten free cakes and desserts for special occasions think weddings, parties, anniversaries, or birthdays. You can ensure that everyone who attends your next special event gets to enjoy the cake , with Sweet Cheeks special made-to-order cakes!

Do You Know of an Amazing Gluten-Free Bakery in California?

Do you have a favorite gluten free bakery in California that I havent listed here? Somewhere where you can get a great gluten free bagel, gluten free donut, gluten free sourdough bread, or other special freshly baked gluten free baked goods? Please let me know, Id love to add them to this list.

And if youre traveling abroad, take a look at these guides for gluten-free travel in Italy, Spain, and London!

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