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Can I Make This Gluten Free Brown Bread Dairy Free Or Vegan

Healthy Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

For those of you who cannot eat dairy, the recipe is easyto make dairy-free. In the printable recipes below, the dairy free options areclearly indicated. If you dont have any milk powder, then just make a simple switchof liquid milk in equal volume to water and leave out the powder.

For those of you who are vegan or cannot eat eggs, Ive heard you! My Gluten Free Vegan Bread recipe is now available. Because it has required a slightly different formulation to ensure adequate structure and good texture, I have decided to keep that recipe separate from the non-vegan versions given here.

I Have Provided 5 Separate Recipe Card Versions For My Gluten Free Brown Bread Recipe :

not copy or re-publish this recipe or any part of this recipe on any other blog, on social media or in a publication without the express permission of Gluten Free Alchemist.**

  • 1½tsplemon juice
  • 390g/mlhand-warm water
  • A little extra oil/butter and brown rice flour/sorghum or buckwheat flour to coat the inside of the bread tins

The Difference Between Wholemeal And Refined White Flour

Would you know the difference between 100% wholemeal and a whole grain bread? You probably head to the supermarket thinking, I will do myself some good by buying whole grain bread instead of white bread but you might be surprised if you actually check the label.

A bread labelled as whole grain bread can still be mainly manufactured with white flour. It can be referred to as a whole grain bread simply because it may contain a few e.g. sunflower seeds. On the other hand, a company can only call a bread a 100 % wholemeal bread if it has been exactly made from a 100 % wholemeal flour.

Stoneground flour contains far more nutrients and fibre than white flour. During the refining process, white flour gets stripped off all its goodness. In many countries including Ireland, its required by law to fortify refined flours with vitamins and minerals but dont be fooled, you will still be missing out on important nutrients and fibre. Most commercial white flour in the US is bleached, using chemicals like acetone peroxide, chlorine, and benzoyl peroxide.

A traditional sourdough bread like this Sourdough Rye Bread Recipe will only ever call for 3 simple ingredients, water, flour and salt, no nasty commercial yeast, additives or preservatives required. Learn how to make your own sourdough starter, its so simple.

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What Is The Best Flour To Use For Gluten Free Naan Bread

Any brand of gluten free flour that is a 1:1 blend will work just fine in this recipe. I tested this naan with Bobs Red Mill 1 for 1 Baking Flour and King Arthurs Measure For Measure brands since that is what most people have access to.

I did also test this recipe using almond flour and coconut flour and although it worked, the taste and texture were very different. The naan was not as light and fluffy and was not as durable either.

The Best Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread



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This homemade gluten free whole grain bread is filled with whole grains, healthy fats, and can be made at home without the help of a bread maker. It is also simple enough to make that a new cook or someone new to gluten free baking I think will be more than capable of handling this recipe.

If you need to follow a gluten free diet then you know that finding a gluten free bread that is as delicious and holds up as well as regular bread is pretty tough to come by. Ever since I found out I had celiac disease and needed to go gluten free I have been on the search for a truly delicious whole grain gluten free oat bread, and until now I have for the most part come up empty-handed.

While it is wonderful that there are so many gluten free options for people who need to be gluten free today, I also think that in many ways we have just replaced processed gluten-containing products, with other even more processed gluten free products that people for some reason think of as being healthy.

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The Ultimate Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Bread lovers, rejoice. This gluten free bread is the real deal with a soft, chewy open crumb and a deliciously crisp caramelised crust. Its also super easy to prepare, and it behaves similarly to regular wheat bread: it can be kneaded and shaped, and goes though two rounds of rising. And its vegan no eggs or dairy products needed!

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Before we get to the gluten free bread recipe, Ive got some news: I am writing a book.

Wait, lets put that in all-caps because this definitely feels like a shouting from the rooftops moment: I AM WRITING A BOOK.

I will have more details to share with you soon, but heres the short of it: its a gluten free baking book, covering everything from cakes and cupcakes, through brownies and cookies, all the way to pies and tarts and bread. In fact, there will be over 15 different bread recipes, from artisan loaves to enriched doughs like cinnamon rolls and babka.

To say that I am over-the-moon excited would be an understatement. And I cannot wait to share more book details with you over the coming weeks and months!

But for now: lets talk gluten free bread.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of how to make your own gluten free bread, heres a quick overview of the many reasons why its absolutely amazing.

Tips For Making Gluten

Here are my tips that work with this gluten-free bread recipe. See below for my gluten free bread machine recipe.

Don’t substitute anything in this gluten free bread recipe unless I specified above that I’ve tested it. This is important. If you substitute something I can’t guarantee anything and I can’t help you troubleshoot if something doesn’t work in your gluten-free bread.

Ingredients at room temperature work best. You can always run your eggs under warm water for a couple of minutes to bring the temperature up.

Read the recipe instruction and get all ingredients out before you start.

Use dry active yeast or quick yeast. I use Fleischmann’s yeast: it’s labeled gluten-free. I’ve also used Red Star yeast.

If your bread sinks in the middle before it is done baking you most likely let the yeast proof sit too long before using it or you let your bread rise too long. You want to put your gluten-free bread in the oven when it rises just above the top of the loaf pan, no longer.

Make sure your water is between 95-110 degrees before adding the yeast. If you don’t have a thermometer I suggest you get one.

Line the loaf pan with parchment paper and then spray it with oil, this will help you remove the loaf from the pan.

Pan size matters. If you use a wider pan your loaf will be wider, and shorter. If you use a narrower pan your loaf baking time might change.

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St Rise: Bulk Fermentation

For the bulk fermentation, place the dough into a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a damp tea towel and let the dough to rise for 1 hour in a warm place. It will approximately double in volume.

The purpose of the bulk fermentation is primarily flavour development this is what ensures that your loaf will have that wonderfully complex flavour we associate with properly baked bread.

Why Is My Gluten Free Bread Not Rising

Super Healthy Gluten-Free Bread | Vegan, Gluten-Free & Yeast-Free Bread Recipe | ASMR

There are several reasons why your gluten free bread may not be rising:

  • Youre not using the correct gf flour blend or youre not using the correct amount
  • Your yeast is not fresh or its not activating due to use of cold ingredients
  • You didnt allow enough time or the proper conditions for proofing
  • You didnt measure your ingredients by weight, including water, so the hydration ratio is wrong.

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Secret #: Dont Let Homemade Gluten Free Bread Out Of A Box Discourage You

Youll notice a lot of gluten free bread mixes at the grocery store. These pre-packaged mixes promise delicious gf baked goods with minimal effort, but they usually fall flat.

If youve tried one of these mixes with disastrous results and think that all gluten free baking is destined for the same bland, dry, and crumbling outcome, please dont!

I promise that if you follow one of my gluten free bread recipes, youll enjoy bread that is better than anything you can find in a box.

Dont always have the time to bake fresh? I can totally relate. Check out my review of the best gluten free bread brands that youll find at local markets and online for the tastiest packaged options.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread From Simply Quinoa

Why We Love It: By now, hopefully weve all come around to the fact that zucchini is very much so deserving of a spot in our loaves of quick bread. Moist and sweet, a slice of this bread is a great option for a light breakfast or an afternoon snack. Toast it up, spread a little PB or butter on top, and you have everything you need for a cozy bite.

Hero Ingredient: Torn between your love of banana and zucchini bread? This recipe mixes in two ripe bananas so you dont have to choose.

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Measure The Right Way

Whether using regular or gluten free, there is actually a right way and a wrong way to measure flours. How you measure your gluten-free flours and starches can affect your gluten-free cooking results, for better or for worse. Make sure to measure the gluten-free flour the right way by either using a food scale or spooning the flour loosely into a dry measuring cup and leveling off. Scooping into the flour with the measuring cup and packing it down will result in too much flour being incorporated into the dough.

What Is The Best Type Of Yeast To Use In This Gluten

Healthy Gluten Free Bread Recipe From Tina Bricknell Webb

This recipe uses instant yeast or rapid rise yeast. I use Fleshmans Rapid Rise Yeast. It is important to use the rapid yeast and to make sure it is at room temperature.

Rapid rise yeast does not need to be proofed and can be added directly to the flour. It is still important to use warm water because yeast is a live organism and thrives in a warm environment.

Heat the water just until it feels warm to the touch. Or use a thermometer to check the waters temperature. The ideal temperature for instant yeast is 100°110°F. If the water is any hotter than that, it could kill the yeast and your bread will not rise.

If you want to make sure that your instant yeast is still active, you can proof the yeast before adding it to the flour mixture. Add the honey to the warm water and stir until it dissolves.

Then add the yeast to the water mixture and allow to sit for 5 minutes until bubbly. This is not a necessary step. This is only needed if your yeast is not new or fresh.

I have not tried active dried yeast in this recipe. Active dried yeast requires a proofing step. Active dried yeast also requires a longer rising time.

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Does Gluten Free Bread Taste Different

When you pick a gluten free bread recipe from my extensive collection, theres one thing I can promise you: It wont taste bad.

In most cases, I would even say that these wonderful recipes dont taste all that different from their gluten-containing counterparts.

And in a few magical cases, Ill say that my gluten free bread recipes actually taste better than the real thing.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Pizza

This gluten-free pizza recipe is already dairy-free. It uses olive oil. You can top this gluten free dairy free pizza crust with your favorite dairy-free cheese to make a gluten free dairy free pizza.

Another options is to leave the cheese off all together and brush on some dairy-free butter and sprinkle it with garlic salt, after its cooked.

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Some Of The Feedback From People Who Have Made This Bread

  • N via FB: Ive just made this bread. Its AMAZING!! OH MY WORD. The texture is awesome, so soft but still with substance the taste is fabulous too. Thank you so much. Ive been looking for a recipe like this for years.
  • K via FB : Shut the front door the Alchemists dough-brew even converts to hand-stretched bread rolls!
  • C Via FB : I made this yesterday the texture was incredible it was like eating a slice of real wholemeal bread! Its the best Ive made
  • J via FB : Just made this bread for the first time It is just amazing. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe The taste is wonderful
  • S via FB : Thank you!! I have bread again, yes this is the best GF bread recipe I have ever made, and I can tell you I have made loads and loads
  • A via FB : Day 3 and its still soft enough to eat without having to toast it
  • K via FB : Thank you so much! I dont mean to be stalkerish but your recipe has been a game changer.
  • M via FB : At last a proper loaf of gluten free bread. Thank you

Why Is Gluten Free Bread So Dry

GLUTEN-FREE BREAD RECIPES â£â£ 3 ways to make healthy bread

GF flours are very absorbent, so if you dont include the right ratio of dry and wet ingredients, youll end up with a gluten free bread loaf thats dry and crumbly.

Honestly, if you want to know how to make gluten free bread fluffy, the best thing you can do is follow your chosen recipes instructions very carefully.

Also remember that the more substitutions you make, the more likely youll end up with something different than the intended result.

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How To Make Homemade Gluten Free Naan Bread

  • Mix up the wet ingredients in a medium bowl.
  • In a separate larger bowl, mix the dry ingredients.
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients into a chunky, slightly wet dough.
  • Fold the dough onto a floured, flat surface and knead it with your hands for a few minutes until it can easily be formed into a smooth ball of dough.
  • Then divide the dough into 8 equal pieces. Use your hands to flatten each piece of dough out into oblong shapes that are about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick.
  • Brush each piece of naan bread with some melted butter.
  • Heat a cast iron pan to medium heat and add some olive oil to the pan to fully coat the bottom of the pan about 2 teaspoons of oil. Once the oil is hot, add 1-2 pieces of the naan bread to the pan, butter side down. Brush the other side with more butter. Cook the naan for 2 minutes per side then remove it from the pan and sprinkle it with sea salt and chopped parsley. Continue until you have cooked all of the naan.
  • Serve and enjoy!
  • Can I Make Other Ingredient Substitutions When Making Gluten Free Wholemeal

    Yes! There are a number of other changes you can make to this non-vegan wholemeal bread recipe, dependent on what you have available in your larder or what you can/cant eat. Use the subscription link below to get my FREE wholemeal gluten free bread recipe Substitution Guide. Not only will it give you the best alternatives for non-flour ingredients, but Ive also included a list of Frequently Asked Questions and timing-advice for making different-sized loaves and rolls.

    I am really hoping you love this recipe and that it brings you as much happiness as it has for us and others. As always, if you do make it, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. Comment below, or take a picture and tag me on social media . And if you make it and love it, please share with your free from friends and leave a star rating via the comments or recipe card.

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    Secret #: Dont Stray From Tried And True Gluten Free Bread Recipes

    Try to avoid making any substitutions the first time you make a gluten free bread recipe, especially one which is unfamiliar to you. If you have chosen a recipe that you can only make with substitutions, select another recipe.

    Whenever a reader tells me that they are having trouble with a recipe, my first question is always whether they have made any substitutions. Some may work, but many will not. And early failure will make it very hard to stay motivated.

    The easiest gluten free bread recipe to begin with is the recipe for the gluten free white sandwich bread recipe from my first cookbook. I posted it on the blog when the second edition of the book was published.

    Its a super simple recipe, and theres a detailed video that allows you to watch over my shoulder as I make the bread. Its pictured right below this paragraph.

    The Best Gluten Free Bread Recipes To Start Baking

    Healthy Gluten Free Bread Recipe

    If youre searching for that perfect bakery loaf, look no further than this Gluten-Free Bread From Allergy Free Alaska. The recipe produces a beautiful artisan gluten-free bread loaf that can be baked with a crusty or soft exterior. Cut into it and you will reveal tender, slightly chewy bread with a wonderfully tight crumb.

    Get the gluten free bread recipe here.

    Try these Bread Maker Gluten Free Dinner Rolls from Recipe This. With the help of the bread maker machine to make the delicious gluten free dinner roll dough, along with the air fryer to make them as heavenly as they are when you buy them from the bakers, this is a gluten free dinner rolls winner.

    Get the gluten free bread recipe here.

    If youve been searching for an amazing gluten-free sandwich bread that not only makes mouthwatering sandwiches but could also be enjoyed straight from the bag, then this is your loaf from Gluten-Free Bread! Bonus that its dairy free and refined sugar free too!

    Get the gluten free bread recipe here.

    This easy gluten free sourdough bread recipe from Healthy Taste of Life is made with whole grain gluten free flours. It has no xanthan gum, no eggs, no high starch flours, and no commercial yeast. It doesnt require kneading, shaping or Dutch oven.

    Get the gluten free bread recipe here.

    Get the recipe here.

    Get the recipe here.

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