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Can Bread Be Part Of A Diet For People Living With Diabetes

How To: Keto Sourdough Bread 3NET CARBS PER SLICE!

As Alex explains, she educates people with type 2 diabetes that carbohydrates in foods have the biggest impact on blood sugar, so it is important they avoid refined and processed sources of carbohydrate such as white flour, cereals, white rice, and potatoes, as well as pasta. These types of dietary carbohydrates can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. But as Alex says, this means that many people with diabetes get confused and think they should avoid eating all types of carbohydrate, including fermented breads made from whole-grains.

Elisabeth agrees with Alex that confusion can play a part when people with type 2 diabetes try to make optimal dietary choices. She says that its important to remember that there is a huge range of bread available, and not all loaves are equal when it comes to nutritional value. Highly processed white breads are not a great option for anyone. But breads incorporating wholegrains, particularly those that have been produced using a long, slow fermentation as with sourdough, are high in fibre, and contain micronutrients in a form that is easily digestible, are very different.

Choosing which bread is most suitable can be difficult. But, in general, breads and loaves that are homemade or from artisan bakeries are likely to be less processed and wont contain the long list of additives that are common in industrial breads. Advice on which bread to choose is given by Diabetes UK.

What Is Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is a leavened bread and one of the most natural types out there. Believe it or not, its been around for centuries. In fact, its one of the oldest forms of grain fermentation and can be tracedback to 3000 B.C. in Egypt

The story goes that the Egyptians came across the leavened process entirely by accident after someone left grain and water mixed together outside for a long period of time.

When they came back, they knew something was happening. They could see the natural yeast going to work, bubbling and growing.

The Egyptians made large amounts of sourdough bread, enough to feed entire cities. Soon, they taught the Greeks how to make the bread properly and it spread from there.

During the Gold Rush in Alaska and California, gold miners lived off leavened bread. It was cheap to make and took longer to grow moldy. It was the perfect choice when they were out mining for gold and gone for months at a time.

With the boom in artisan bakeries around the U.S., sourdough is making a comeback.

What makes sourdough bread so different is that instead of adding yeast to make it grow, it creates its own natural yeast.

Lactobacillus and acetobacillus change the state of the flour and water by creating lactic acid. These good bacteria are also what gives sourdough bread the unique taste you wont find in other types of bread.

This process takes longer than many other forms of bread but its great for low carb diets like the Paleo or the keto diet.

Health Benefits Of Sourdough Bread

1. Sourdough bread is easier to digest than other types of bread.

2. Sourdough bread contains prebiotics, which are beneficial for gut health.

3. Sourdough bread may help to regulate blood sugar levels.

4. Sourdough bread is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

5. Sourdough bread is high in fiber, which can help with weight loss and digestion.

6. Sourdough bread may help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

If youre looking for a healthy and delicious bread option, sourdough bread is a great choice. Not only is it packed with nutrients, but its also easy to digest and can help to regulate blood sugar levels. So be sure to add sourdough bread to your grocery list!

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How Many Carbs In Sour Dough Bread

How many carbs in sour dough bread is question of people. The carb count of sourdough bread depends on the recipe. But in general, sourdough bread has a lower carb count than other types of bread. For example, a slice of sourdough bread typically has about 5 grams of carbs, while a slice of white bread has about 15 grams of carbs.

Your Body Absorbs More Nutrients From Sourdough Bread

The 10 Best Low Carb Breads to Make and Buy I Taste of Home

Bread of all types contains essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. However, we cant easily absorb these nutrients due to compounds called phytates, or phytic acid, that bind to them.

But sourdough, unlike other breads, contains lactic acid. This lactic acid neutralizes levels of phytates because it lowers the pH of the bread. As a result, sourdough bread has a higher level of available minerals and up to 62% less phytic acid than conventional bread.

Leo says that lactic acid also increases the bioavailability of the ingredients, which means that nutrients from the bread are more quickly and readily available for your body to use.

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Which Is The Best Bread For People With Diabetes

When it comes to a healthy, balanced diet, both Vanessa and Alex agree that making a careful choice about which bread to include, from the ingredients included to how its produced, could mean that people with diabetes can enjoy their piece of toast at breakfast time without concerns over its effect on their condition. Elisabeth also suggests that what you eat with the fibre-rich, fermented bread may also help to balance your insulin response and blood sugar further, for example including foods rich in protein, such as eggs, with your breakfast toast.

Much of the research has focused on type 2 diabetes, which can largely be controlled by dietary choices. Wholegrain or sprouted grain sourdough breads have been shown to moderate the blood sugar response after eating. The long, slow fermentation associated with sourdough bread has numerous benefits for digestibility. In addition, the fibre provided by these breads also has a positive effect on both digestion and the immune system.

Is All Sourdough Bread Yeast Free

No, not all sourdough bread is yeast free. However, some recipes do not call for yeast. If you are looking for a yeast-free option, choose a sourdough bread that is labeled yeast-free.

Beatrice Payne is an editor for Earls Grocery, a sandwich restaurant with a focus on real food. She has worked in the publishing industry for many years and is passionate about helping businesses communicate their message effectively. Beatrice enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and loves exploring new restaurants.

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Low Carbohydrate Bread Brands

If youre looking for low carb bread brands to try out, here is a list of a few popular ones:

QUICK TIP: One of the best ways to control the health and GI of your sourdough bread is to learn to make it yourself! Check out my online course, where you can also learn how to make sourdough bread using lower GI flours like whole wheat.

Calculating Calories In Homemade Sourdough Bread

Keto Sourdough Bread | Breadsticks | ZERO Net Carb

So, how do you calculate the calories in homemade sourdough bread?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

First, you need to know exactly what you have put into your sourdough bread dough.

This calculation can be handy if you’re making flavored sourdough bread too as you can accurately calculate the calories for all the ingredients, not just the flour.

Now the trick to calculating the calories in sourdough bread is that you need to know the weight of the dough before baking and after.

This is because sourdough will lose some of its weight during the baking process as the water is baked out.

In fact, you need to wait until the sourdough has cooled to room temp before weighing as it will continue to lose weight until cooled. Sourdough really is amazing!

Here are the steps to follow to calculate the calories in sourdough bread :

  • List the weights of all ingredients in your sourdough.
  • Put this information into a calorie calculator .
  • Find out the total calories for the whole loaf .
  • Once the dough has been baked and cooled, weigh the cooked bread and enter the weight into the “number of servings”.
  • The calories per serving will now show you how many calories in each gram of your bread.
  • When you cut a slice, weigh the slice and then multiply the number of calories per gram by the weight of your slice. Voila! Accurate calorie calculation!
  • This has calculated that this honey oat sourdough bread has 3 calories per gram of sourdough.

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    How To Make Low Carb Sourdough Bread Recipe

    The traditional sourdough recipe involves three stages making and feeding the starter, kneading, and shaping the loaf.

    Your ingredients should include sourdough starter, 250ml of water, 300g of unbleached flour, 10g of salt, 10g of sugar, and flavorless oil.

    Mix the starter with water and dough, and then add sugar and salt. Knead for 10 minutes until it becomes transparent. After that, put the dough in a bowl and cover for 3 hours.

    Next, place the dough on the kitchen countertop, knock the dough and shape it into two loaves. Preheat the oven for 450 degrees F and place a bowl of cold water at the bottom.

    This will help to generate the steam. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until the loaf forms a good crust and cool on a wire rack.

    When making the sourdough starter, dont rush the process.

    You may want to preserve some starter to make future bread. The carbohydrate content will depend on the type of flour and culture you use.

    Sourdoughs Keto And Vegan Credentials

    Have you gone keto or vegan or are you considering making the switch?

    These two lifestyle diets are among the hottest food trends right now.

    They seem like direct opposites: while keto is about cutting out the carbs and upping your fat and protein, vegan says no to all animal products. But both require a bit of rethinking when it comes to what you put on your plate.

    So if bread is one of your big food loves, youre probably keen to keep it on your can eat list. Maybe youve considered sourdough another 2020 favourite as an alternative?

    But is sourdough actually keto? Is it vegan ? And what specific health benefits does it offer for these diets? Lets take a look.

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    Natures Harvest Light Multigrain Bread

    Net carbs: 7 g

    Review score: 4 stars

    Natures Harvest is another bread youll see on the shelves in most grocery stores. Its baked by a large commercial bakery that also bakes other popular brands such as Thomas muffins and SaraLee bread.

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that and the Natures harvest loaf did live up to my expectations of what sandwich bread should look and feel like. But like Daves Killer bread , I did find the bread to be a little too sweet for my taste.

    Be aware that a serving is 2 slices rather than just one. They have been good enough to list the carb content for both 1 and 2 slices on the packaging so its easy enough to figure out how many carbs youre consuming .

    Its a wheat-based bread and its baked with soy so its not a good choice for those looking to avoid gluten or soy.

    How Many Calories Are In A Crust Of Sourdough Bread

    Carbs in Sourdough Bread

    Sour dough bread is a tasty and refreshing way to start your day. Its full of nutrients that will keep you going all morning long, but the calories might put some people off! One medium slice contains 68 total energy units which accounts for 13% DV in an average diet plan so dont worry if it seems too high at first glance just think about how good this toast tastes with fresh berries or honey butter on top when considering what yours truly would choose each time around

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    How To Bake Sourdough Bread

    Sourdough bread has been enjoyed by many people, but not many people understand how to make it. Sourdough bread is typically made from bread dough that is left to rise before being baked. As it rises, the yeast produces carbon dioxide, which is the primary reason for the bubbling action that sourdough bread has. There are many different types of sourdough bread. But, the most common sourdough bread is made with a starter, or mother. The mother is the starter that you use to make your sourdough bread. The mother typically takes several days to make, but can be as long as a month. Typically, you add rye flour to your mother, but you can also add wheat or other flours to your mother. Once you have your mother, you then take the bread dough, add it to the mother, and allow it to rise. You may then proceed to bake your sourdough bread. You typically bake the bread at a low temperature. This allows the chemical reactions in the bread to take place without burning.

    A Sourdough French Toast Recipe Perfect For A Weekend Brunch

    Made with crusty sourdough bread, this sourdough French toast is complete with crispy edges and a fluffy centre just the way French toast should be. Grilled to perfection and topped with butter, maple syrup, and fresh berries, this recipe is perfect for a special occasion or a hearty weekend breakfast.

    Its no secret that sourdough is the healthiest bread, which makes it a great option for this healthy French toast recipe however, if you dont have any sourdough bread you can easily use a sprouted grain bread or whole-grain bread instead.

    More Healthy Breakfast Recipes:

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    About Keto Sourdough Starter

    I did not use the traditional sourdough starter for this recipe since it is very high in carbs. In fact, I did not use any sourdough starter for this recipe. Therefore there is no proofing or extra kneading required for this bread. Obviously, this is not the traditional way to make sourdough bread, but it is a healthy, delicious way to eat sourdough bread on keto without the extra carbs.

    How Many Carbohydrates Does Sourdough Bread Contain

    Keto Sourdough Bread recipe – Low Carb Gluten free 4K

    As mentioned earlier, sourdough bread will have less calories and carbohydrates than their conventional bread counterparts due to the consumption of starches and sugars at the fermentation stage of making sourdough bread. But some sourdough breads will still be considered too high carb for someone restricting their carbohyrate intake to ketogenic levels.

    Heres a comparison table of the total number of carbohydrates found in conventional breads compared to the sourdough version of the same bread.

    Type of Bread
    Sourdough German rye bread 16g

    These are numbers for total carbohydrates, but this is not the only count you need to look at.

    When trying to figure out actual carbohydrate intake, its actually not as simple as reading the carbohydrate number on the back of the pack. Fiber is an important factor for calculating what your true net carbohydrate intake is.

    How to Calculate Net Carbohydrate Intake

    Simply take the number of grams of fiber, and take it away from the number of carbohydrates. This will give you the net carbohydrate intake that will count towards your daily limit.

    For example if a nutritional label says:

    Total Carbohydrates are 33 grams
    of which dietery fibers are 3 grams
    and sugars are 1.6 grams

    This would mean the net carbohydrate intake is 30g

    Heres a table with the NET CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE of each sourdough bread type:

    Sourdough Bread Type Total Carbs
    1.8g 14.2g

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    Research On Sourdough Bread And Diabetes

    The research on sourdough has varied results about how it affects your blood sugar and insulin levels.

    A 2008 study found that adult subjects with impaired glucose tolerance had lower blood glucose and insulin responses when given a meal of sourdough bread than when given a meal of regular bread made with bakers yeast.

    In contrast, a 2012 study found that 50g of carbohydrates from sourdough bread produced a greater blood glucose response than 50g of carbohydrates from a sprouted-grain bread and a 12-grain wheat bread. They also found that 130 mins after the meal, the sourdough bread produced a greater insulin response than any of the other breads tested.

    A 2008 study also found that sourdough bread induced a greater insulin response than a non-sourdough bread over a period of 180 minutes post-meal. Sourdough bread also did not curb appetite or promote satiety any more than the placebo bread did.

    The ADAs 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, state that: whole-grain consumption is not associated with improvements in glycemic control in type 2 diabetes. Or in other words, whole grains of any kind do not help you regulate blood sugar and A1c thats what the research clearly shows. There is really no evidence to show any type of whole grain provides any benefit for treatment sourdough or not!

    Is Sourdough Bread Keto Friendly

    Sourdough bread is indeed keto friendly if made with the right ingredients.

    You can make sourdough bread with a starter, but you have to make sure that the starter contains only whole grain flour and water. If youre going to use a starter, it needs to be fed regularly with more flour and water until it becomes bubbly and thick.

    Sourdough bread is also low in gluten, which makes it great for people who suffer from celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. Its also lower in carbs than regular bread, so its a good choice for those following the keto diet.

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