Is Sourdough Bread Good For Diabetics

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Which Bread Is Best For Your Blood Sugar Levels

Does Sourdough Bread cause Blood Sugar Spikes for People with Diabetes? Dr Chan explains
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Bread is always tricky: its always a quick reach, and lets face it, a tasty, and filling option that can come in many varieties.

However, as you know, bread is a carbohydrate food that will affect blood sugar levels.

We speak with our diabetes expert, Susan Watkins, RD, CDE, to find out which breads will raise your blood sugar levels the least, and what to look for next time you are in the bakery section of your supermarket.

The good news is that bread can fit into a diabetic meal plan by using it in your total carbohydrate limit for that particular meal or snack.

How many carbohydrates you eat in one sitting has the biggest effect on blood glucose, not how much is consumed per day, Watkins points out, so the key, she says is to spread it out.

Also, it can be hard to control the portion size of bread for some people, especially if you buy it unsliced. So, be sure buy sliced bread or ask your bakery to slice up your loaf before you take it home.

Does Cutting Bread Help Diabetes

The thing is, GI is important, but then you have to consider your overall carbohydrate intake as well.

Here are some of the above breads with carb quantity:

  • Pumpernickel bread 1 slice 26 g = 12.3 g carbs, 1.7 g fiber, 10.6 g net carbs
  • Oat bran bread 1 slice 30 g = 11.9 g carbs, 1.4 g fiber, 10.5 g net carbs
  • Buckwheat bread 1 slice 47 g = 20 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 18 g net carbs
  • Sourdough wheat bread 1 slice 57 g = 29 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 26 g net carbs
  • Sprouted grain bread 1 slice 34 g = 15 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 12 g net carbs

As you can see an average piece of bread is going to be anywhere from 11.9 to 20 g carbs.

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One slice of bread is considered one serve, or one carb count and is around 15 g carbs on average.

While thats not too bad, if you can keep your carbohydrate intake lower overall each day, youll be better off for it meaning, yes, cutting traditional forms of bread can help diabetes you will see lower blood sugar and A1c levels.

This might not be the same opinion that you read elsewhere, or even the guidelines your dietitian might give you. Often they say 30 or 45 g carbs per meal is fine, some of them even recommend up to 70-80 g carbs per meal. But in our experience, many people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes get the best results when they stick to eating that many carbs per day, not per meal.

To answer the question does cutting bread help diabetes?

Read Nutrition Labels Carefully

According to Susan Weiner, RD, CDE, co-author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer and Diabetes: 365 Tips for Living Well, reading the nutrition labels on packaged bread is essential, for several reasons.

  • Fiber. Weiner strongly encourages people with diabetes to choose a high-fiber bread, with at least three grams of fiber per slice. Aim for a whole-grain bread with ingredients like oats, quinoa, or bran, she says. They may contain a good portion of fiber, which will improve glycemic response.
  • Carb and calories counts. If youre making a sandwich with two slices of bread, choose a variety that has no more than 15 grams of carbohydrates and 100 calories per slice. If the bread is higher in carbs and calories, use just one slice for an open-faced sandwich .
  • Whole grain versus white flour. Maria Rodriguez, RD, CDE, program director of the Mount Sinai Diabetes Alliance in New York City, says you can tell if any packaged loaf is 100-percent whole grain by looking at the ingredient list: The first ingredient will say whole. You can also look for the whole-grain stamp.

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Is Sourdough Bread Gluten Free

Many people think that those with gluten sensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome, or celiac disease may tolerate sourdough better than other breads because most of the gluten in sourdough bread is broken down during the process of fermentation.

And this is truethere is less gluten in sourdough bread than in regular white or wheat bread.

But, sourdough bread is not gluten free!

This is most important for those with celiac disease to be aware of, because consuming any gluten at all can be very dangerous.

If you do not have celiac disease, going gluten free can actually cause more harm than good if you are relying on gluten free breads and pastas.

These products are often made from grains like rice, oat, and quinoa and may contain even more carbs than traditional wheat products.

If youre looking to maximize your gut health and steer your blood sugar into a healthy range, skip the gluten free diet and go a step further by adopting a totally grain-free diet. It will not only help your gut health but also benefit blood sugar levels too.

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The Importance Of Wholegrains And Fibre

benefits of sourdough bread for diabetics

Bread is often seen as a food to avoid, not just for people with diabetes, but for people trying to lose weight or follow a gluten-free diet. One of the concerns for Elisabeth though is that, as a nutrition practitioner, she sees that eliminating bread from your diet may, for some, also be removing a potentially good and readily available source of fibre. The importance of fibre to promote a healthy digestive system has long been known. But recent research identified from the Sourdough School research team has shown that insoluble fibre, which is found in breads made from wholegrain flours, is important in promoting a healthy gut microbiota. Having a diverse and healthy community of microbes in our gut can have a number of positive effects on our own health. Insoluble fibre provides food for these microbes and they, in turn, aid our digestive process and have been found to support a healthy immune system.

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Delicious Is Sourdough Bread Good For Diabetics Easy Recipes To Make At Home


Delicious is sourdough Bread Good for Diabetics .. Are you trying to find an interesting and healthy dinner concept for your family members?. Everybody loves tasty recipes and your enjoyed ones will certainly be delighted with your cooking skills if you make a tasty recipe that everybody can consume.. Is Sourdough Bread Good For Diabetics BreadopediaDo you have diabetes mellitus?. Is Sourdough Bread Good For Diabetics BreadopediaIf you’re pre-diabetic or diabetic, handling your diet plan is vital to keeping your blood sugar level in check.. Here’s a collection of several of our preferred recipes that are both tasty as well as healthy!. The Best Ideas for sourdough Bread Diabetes Home FamilyTo ensure you’re consuming right as well as obtaining the nutrients you require, it assists to think of dishes as an equilibrium between lean protein, healthy fat, as well as fiber-rich carbs.. Is Sourdough Bread Better For Diabetics DiabetesWallsI’ve just finished a collection of recipes that are especially made for individuals with diabetes mellitus.. The diabetic diet regimen strategy is very easy to follow by eating plenty of low-fat and also low-sugar foods.

Sourdough Bread And Diabetes

Sourdough bread is made by traditional methods, where the starter dough is fermented to provide the rise in the bread instead of yeast and sugar. Surprisingly, this bread making method is much better for us.

Making sourdough produces beneficial gut bacteria that help with digestion, and this has a strong impact on how it then influences the blood sugar response.

As a consequence, sourdough breads are lower in GI:

  • sourdough rye bread 48
  • 80% barley bread made via sourdough 53-66
  • sourdough wheat bread 54

So having a slice of sourdough is going to be a better choice than most other breads.

But there is a bit more to the story.

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Glycemic Index Of Sourdough

Sourdough bread has a glycemic index of 54. You can count sourdough as a low-glycemic-index food because it falls into the low category of foods with a GI rating of 55 or less.

The glycemic index is a measurement system that identifies how likely a carb-containing food is to affect your blood glucose levels. Eating a low-glycemic index diet can help people with type 2 diabetes minimize spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Many low-GI foods cause your blood sugar to rise and fall slowly. This can help you feel full for longer, promote appetite control, and help you lose weight.

Sourdough Bread And Blood Glucose

Doctor, Is Sourdough Bread Good for People with Diabetes? Three Questions You should also ask

How you eat your bread really matters to keep balanced blood sugars

Other work has shown that its not just the ingredients used to make the bread that are important. The way the flour is milled and the fermentation methods used can influence how the bread is digested and assimilated by our bodies. A Canadian study, led by Terry Graham, found that blood sugar levels in overweight men showed a smaller spike after eating sourdough bread when compared with yeasted breads. What is especially interesting in this study is that the white sourdough bread resulted in a more moderate blood glucose response than the wholegrain yeasted bread. Further work suggested that sourdough breads made with flours milled from sprouted grains are even more beneficial than either white or wholemeal sourdough bread.

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What Kind Of Bread Is Best For A Diabetic

Weve recently covered the types of flours that are best for diabetes, so before we dig in and talk about breads, lets briefly look at the flour cheat sheet.

See how everything above coconut flour goes up from 30 g net carbs and above, which is really getting up there.

In reality, the best breads for you to eat are ones made from flaxseed, almond, chickpea or coconut flour, which are a bit more difficult to come by.

Of course, the simplest way to overcome this is to make your own. But, we understand that not everyone wants to make their own bread. So thankfully, there are quite a number of companies that supply great low carb bread options you can buy.

/5are Breads Effective For Weight Loss And Diabetics

People with diabetes may have been told that bread is off limits for them. Similarly, those going on a diet to lose weight might feel they have to say goodbye to those delicious toasts and sandwiches. However, who can still manage your diet or your diabetes, by opting for these nutritious breads which will also aid your weight loss goal. Weight loss is all about choosing the right foods and the right nutrients. So its all about knowing which type of bread to eat.

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Should I Eat Sourdough Bread If I Eat A Low Gi Diet

Definitely! Sourdough bread is great for people who eat a low GI diet. Sourdough bread has a lower GI than the usual white bread, its also a great source of fibre, B vitamins, and minerals. If youre diagnosed with diabetes or youre just trying to reduce the risk, its best to have sourdough bread instead of standard sliced white bread.

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Bread And Diabetes: Nutrition And Options

Is Sourdough Bread Better For Diabetics

Bread is a staple food in the diets of most people. People with diabetes may think they have to cut out bread altogether, and it is true that some types can lead to health problems. However, most people with diabetes can eat whole-grain and low-carbohydrate breads. Find out which kinds of bread are suitable and why.

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Keeping Sourdough In Your Cupboard

If finding a great loaf proves difficult, making sourdough at home is a great alternative that way, you know what is going into your bread, and you can tweak flour ratios to suit your needs and tastes. Sourdough starters can be purchased, or you can make your own using a 7-day fermentation process, water, and wheat.

While sourdough is a great bread choice, exercising caution is still advisable when consuming carbohydrates. A single slice of toast with your morning eggs is a healthy choice, while binging on four slices of bread with a massive slab of meat is not. With responsible consumption, sourdough can keep carbs in your life without harming your blood sugar levels.

Who Shouldnt Be Eating Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread may have less gluten than other types of bread, but it is not gluten-free.

This means it wont irritate your system as badly as other types of bread if you have gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. However, if you have these conditions, you shouldnt be eating sourdough bread.

Interestingly, sourdough contains fructans, a carbohydrate that can cause issues like gluten. This means that a few people who can eat gluten-heavy bread may react to sourdough.

However, a fair number of people self-diagnosed with gluten sensitivity may actually be reacting to fructan. In these cases, sourdough is actually the better choice, since the fermentation process breaks down more fructan in sourdough than any other bread-making process.

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So What Kind Of Bread Can They Eat

When buying bread for diabetics, what should you pay attention to? To choose the right bread for a diabetic, one must carefully check its composition, which can be found on the package if the product is packaged. Patients with diabetes should avoid bread with some additives, such as candied or dried fruits .

It is also worth comparing the energy content of different baked goods before purchasing. Eating according to the calculated daily energy requirements by a diabetologist or dietician will help to maintain a constant body weight, which will help to monitor the condition. Daily energy intake depends on many factors, but usually, for a diabetic, it shouldnt exceed 1500-2400 kcal. However, you should not establish it on your own, rather with the help of a specialist.

Benefits Of Sourdough Bread For Diabetics Guide For Curing Diabetes

5 Worst And Best Breads For Diabetes

Benefits Of Sourdough Bread For Diabetics Overview Benefits Of Sourdough Bread For Diabetics If you’re a person with diabetes, you’ll know that you should learn everything possible about this disease. You should enroll in classes and join a support group, either in person or online. If you have a close friend with diabetes, read as

Benefits Of Sourdough Bread For Diabetics If youre a person with diabetes, youll know that you should learn everything possible about this disease.. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type.. There are many different types of diabetes, so its important to learn as much as you can about the condition.. Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2, there are ways to manage the condition.. Type 2 diabetes is a common condition in many people.. If you have type 1 diabetes, you can use insulin to help your body make glucose.. You should also consult with your doctor if you have any other medical problems.. Its important to maintain a healthy body weight.. Besides high blood glucose, diabetes can also affect the nerves and skin.. If your doctor is concerned about your blood sugar level, you may need to try a different medication.. Your treatment will depend on what type of insulin you need.. Your doctor will help you learn how to manage your blood glucose levels and make necessary adjustments to your food plan.

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How To Choose A Good Sourdough Bread

I have shown that no two breads are alike when considering their Glycemic Index, fermentation processes, or fiber counts. But this can also be said when comparing different kinds of sourdough as well.

In order to get the benefits of the long fermentation process, it must rely solely on the starter to get the right balance of acids. Commercial producers often cheat on this process. They add bakers yeast to the culture. While there is enough of the starter to give it a unique taste, it does not offer the same health benefits.

Check the ingredient label of anything you buy at a grocery store. Make sure that there are no hidden ingredients that should not be there.

True sourdough should consist of only flour, salt, and water. Anything else is just filler that detracts from the real deal. This may mean that you have to make your purchases at a local baker and not at a large grocery store.

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Sourdough And Blood Sugar

In my research, I started to wonder why this unique staple was better than others for a diabetic diet. I found that it is because of the longer fermentation process that it requires.

Most commercial and homemade bread use bakers yeast, which creates a very uniform culture and requires a much shorter fermentation time.

In contrast, sourdough uses a culture that produces lactic acid in its starter, the same acid found in many dairy products.

This process also creates acetic acid, which is found in vinegar. Not only does this give this bread its unique taste, but the acetic acid helps the body produce gut bacteria that are necessary for digestion.

Our bodies are then able to better digest carbohydrates and regulate the blood sugar that is accumulated from them.

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