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Does Jersey Mikes Specially Handle Gluten Free Orders

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Yes, they do. Firstly, it is important to know that the gluten-free rolls from Udis arrive at the Jersey Mikes locations totally baked and wrapped individually.

This means that they do not have to be baked at the restaurantin fact, the packaging of each roll is not opened until the sandwich is ordered. So, there is only a small risk of cross contamination with regular bread.

In addition, the team members at Jersey Mikes are trained to handle gluten-free orders with care.

They wear new gloves, use new knives and utensils which are not used on regular bread products, and prepare each sub on top of parchment paper to make sure that the sandwich will not have contact with a countertop that may have held regular bread.

If you are gluten free, be sure to let the team member who is preparing your sandwich know. That way, they can be sure to take every precaution to avoid cross contamination with your sandwich and regular bread.

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Does Jersey Mikes Have Gluten

Yes, Jersey Mikes has gluten-free bread that is safe for customers on medically-necessary gluten-free diets.

In December 2017, Jersey Mikes announced it would be using pre-packaged gluten-free sub rolls by Udis at all of its 1,300 locations nationwide. The company says, Udis gluten free sub rolls arrive at the restaurant individually wrapped and fully baked. The packaging is not opened until the sub is ordered and, as a result, there is little risk of cross contamination with other subs.

The bread rolls ingredients are water, tapioca starch, brown rice flour , canola oil, egg whites, resistant corn starch, tapioca maltodextrin, cane sugar, sugar cane syrup, rice bran, yeast, sugarcane fiber, salt, gum , cultured corn syrup solids, citric acid , locust bean gum, enzymes, and white rice flour.

Prior to its nationwide launch, Jersey Mikes had begun testing the Udis gluten-free rolls in 111 Los Angeles and 19 West Palm Beach locations in December 2016.

The idea of offering gluten-free bread rolls came from a franchisee whose daughter had celiac disease. Given the severity of celiac disease and the difficulties of feeding someone a safe gluten-free meal without exposing them to even a crumb of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats, is a challenge. The potential for gluten cross contamination in sandwich restaurants is a real threat to the health of someone with celiac disease.

Ways You Can Take A Bite Out Of Jersey Mike’s Menu Prices

16 Ways You Can Take a Bite Out of Je…

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There is no shortage of options when it comes to sandwich shops, and Jersey Mikes Subs seems to be climbing the list quicker than most. Theyre now the third-fastest-growing quick-service restaurant in America.

Weve got two here in Boise, quite a distance from its original location in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

After spending some time studying Jersey Mikes menu prices and reviewing Jersey Mikes rewards program, weve uncovered a few ways you can make the most of your next visit to the sandwich shop.

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What Precautions Do Jersey Mikes Take When Preparing Gf Food

Its daunting to eat out when following a gluten-free diet particularly a fast food restaurant that offers gluten-containing options, and is always busy. However, Jersey Mikes has a great system in place whereby they take the following precautions when preparing gluten-free orders, to minimize the risk of cross-contact as much as possible.

  • Individually wrapped sub rolls are delivered fresh to restaurants, already pre-baked. Only once a gluten-free order has been placed does the sub get opened
  • Prepared on a clean work surface that also has a piece of parchment type paper over the top for extra protection
  • Servers should change their gloves when preparing your food
  • Servers should use fresh utensils to ensure no cross-contact from the preparation of previous gluten-containing foods
  • The griddle should be cleaned before making a hot sub
  • If youd like your server to take extra care, you can ask for fresh tubs of ingredients to be used and you can also ask for your food to be prepared in a separate part of the kitchen to minimize cross-contact further

Adding Most Toppings To Your Sandwich Is Free But There Are A Few Premium Add

Pin on gluten free

If you like stuffing your sammies with as many free toppings as possible, you can load up pretty substantially at Jersey Mikes. Here are the veggies that dont cost any extra: lettuce, tomato, onion, green bell peppers, pickles, cherry pepper relish, banana peppers, and jalapeños. Ask your server to pile em high.

Some extras will cost you, though. Bacon costs $1.00 $2.50, extra meat is $1.25 $2.50, and extra cheese is $0.75 $1.50.

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If Raise runs out of inventory, you can also buy Jersey Mikes gift cards through the app, on the website, in any physical store, and at a bunch of different retailers.

To Arrange The Club Sub:

  • Start layering your sandwich by spreading about 2 tablespoons of the vinaigrette on each side of the hoagie roll.
  • Next, layer with provolone slices, bacon, ham, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  • Cover the layers with the other half of the bread, then cut into three to four pieces, depending on bread length.
  • Serve or present using cocktail picks to hold the portioned sandwiches in place, and enjoy!
  • Recipe Notes

    • Toast your bread up in the oven or a toaster for at least 5 minutes to get a crunchier bite to your sub!
    • To make the perfect club sub, place equal amounts of each ingredient on your rolls! A good portion would be using 3 pieces of the following: provolone slices, bacon strips, turkey ham, romaine lettuce leaves. Finally, top it off with four slices of fresh tomatoes.


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    What Options Are Gluten Free At Jersey Mikes

    Almost the entire menu can be made gluten-free at Jersey Mikes. According to, in 2022, all cold and hot subs can substitute their regular bread for an Udis gluten free roll.

    All of their breakfast options can also substitute the normal bread for gluten-free rolls.

    However, it is important to remember that more food than just bread contains gluten, so it is a good idea to double check that all of the ingredients are gluten-free before ordering.

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    Does Jersey Mikes Have Any Gluten Free

    Mike’s Tasty Gluten Free Figolla ð

    Here is the complete Jersey Mikes gluten-free menu. Jersey Mikes has one of the more gluten-free friendly fast-food restaurants. They provide alternatives for their subs, wraps, and bread. Jersey Mikes employees will also remove their gloves and wipe down the counters and machines before they make a gluten-free sub.

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    Is There Really Gluten In Jersey Mikes Gluten Free Sandwiches

    No, there is no gluten! Over at Good For You Gluten Free, they ran a test using a Nima Sensor to determine whether there was any gluten in a Jersey Mikes gluten free sub.

    The Nima Sensor is a small, portable device which is able to detect gluten.

    In order to use it, you simply put a small amount of the food into a test capsule and wait a few minutes while the sensor determines whether any gluten is present in the food.

    If the food is safe, a smiley face will appear on the sensor! Neat, right?

    They conducted this test at Good For You Gluten Free, and the determination was that there was no hidden gluten in the sandwich.

    Not only did they test the Udi roll, but they also tested the meat inside the sandwich for maximum safety.

    Is Jersey Mikes Gluten-Free? > > Check out the video below:

    One Of Jersey Mikes Cold Subs

    The Jersey Mikes Menu has a wide variety of flavorful, lip-smacking subs to choose from. Their #8 Club Sub is one of the classic favorites that customers love ordering. This club sub sandwich covers the classic ingredients of a club sandwich.

    It contains turkey, applewood smoked bacon, raised without antibiotics turkey, provolone and mayo. Some of the recommended toppings on a classic Jersey Mike sub sandwich are lettuce, red wine vinegar, olive oil blend, and more. When youve got a turkey bacon sub like that, youll never go hungry again! But what, pray tell, makes Jersey Mikes Subs any different from any other sub shop?

    Well, for one, Jersey Mikes does not mess around when it comes to condiments. Their red wine vinegar and olive oil blend is one-of-a-kind. Jersey Mikes bread for their subs is also baked daily to get the freshest rolls for your sandwiches. With fresh and flavorful ingredients in their club sub like that, youre bound to get the best quality meal. So if youre curious to see how its done, then keep on reading!

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    Vegan Toppings/ingredients For Your Sub Or Wrap:

    • Banana Peppers
    • Dill Pickle Slices or Spears
    • Sliced Avocado

    Those are all the veggies Jersey Mikes has to offer.

    You can also put one of the vegan chips listed below on your sub or in your wrap, but they wouldnt be included with your build-your-own sandwich or wrap at Jersey Mikes. Id highly recommend getting Avocado on your sandwich, hell even just make a fancy avocado toast Its free to add avocado to your Sub/Wrap at Jersey Mikes.

    Is Jersey Mikes Meat Gluten Free

    Jersey Mikes Gluten

    To summarize, we really enjoyed our Jersey Mikes gluten free sub sandwich. We have a variety of options to eat, as all except two of the meat options are gluten-free. They took many good precautions in making our sandwich. This is because any crumb of gluten is problematic for one with Celiac Disease.

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    Tips & Tricks For Ordering Gluten

    • The majority of Jersey Mikes menu can be made gluten-free thanks to its gluten-free bread and naturally gluten-free toppings. The only type of sandwiches that cant be made on gluten-free bread are the breakfast sandwiches.
    • Avoid all desserts which contain wheat flour.
    • Choose Lays potato chips instead of the French fries which contain gluten.

    How Jersey Mikes Handles Gluten

    Jersey Mikes has put into place the following protocols to handle gluten-free allergy orders:

    • Fully baked and wrapped Udis gluten-free sub rolls are delivered to the restaurants. The packaging is opened only once a customer orders a gluten-free sub.
    • Jersey Mikes team members change their gloves so they use only clean hands when handling the gluten-free ingredients.
    • All gluten-free subs are prepared on a piece of parchment paper.
    • Employees use clean knives and utensils when preparing and slicing the gluten-free rolls.
    • For hot sandwiches, team members wipe down the griddle.
    • Jersey Mikes employees can pull fresh ingredients from untouched, clean containers at the request of the customer.
    • In the Jersey Mikes in Greenwood Village, CO , the gluten-free sub is prepared on a different surface than the prep area used for making other sandwiches.

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    How To Make Copycat Version Of Jersey Mike’s Club Sub

    A perfectly seasoned club sandwich of meaty turkey ham, bacon, and fresh, crunchy vegetables is just what you need for lunch! Try it with a side of chips and your favorite cold drink for a more filling meal.

    10 mins

    • 2Hoagie Rolls,or any similar length of breads, 12 inches each
    • 10rashersbacon,roughly 10 oz total
    • 5slicesturkey ham,or your favorite sandwich ham slices, preferably halved thick slices
    • 3leavesromaine lettuce,1 romaine lettuce head, sliced
    • 8 sliceslocal tomatoes,2 tomatoes, thickly sliced
    • 5slicesprovolone cheese,can use fontina, or scamorza cheeses, thinly sliced

    Jersey Mikes Subs Menu Prices

    Jersey Mikes MUKBANG | Philly Cheese Steak Italian Sub Mikes Way

    Jersey Mikes subs are purely for sub lovers. They serve two types of healthy subs Cold and Hot Subs. In Cold Subs, they serve Jersey Shores Favorite, Ham and Provolone, Turkey and Provolone, Tuna Fish and a ton more.

    If you dont like their cold subs, you can also have the hot ones. In the hot subs, they serve mikes famous philly, big kahuna cheese steak, bacon ranch chicken cheese steak and many more. The most exciting thing about their subs is that you can also have them gluten-free.

    Everyone wants some sides and drinks with a sub. Guess what! They have got them both. Insides and drinks, they have chips, stubborn soda, and brownies. So without waiting more, lets check out the latest Jersey Mikes Subs menu with prices.

    Cold Subs

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    Does Jersey Mikes Have Gluten Free Bread

    Today, were going to be answering the question: does Jersey Mikes have gluten free bread? And taking a look at the range of gluten-free food and drink items you can find at Jersey Mikes. With stores like Subway offering gluten-free choices, but their cross-contact risk being incredibly high, its usually unsafe for celiacs and sensitive gluten-intolerant individuals to eat there. So can we eat at Jersey Mikes instead? What precautions do they take when it comes to cross-contact? Lets take a look.

  • Is Jersey Mikes Gluten-Free Bread Dairy Free?
  • Jersey Mikes Goes Gluten Free

    Jersey Mikes Subs restaurants now offer Gluten Free bread for their sandwiches.

    Yes, it is true, you can once again enjoy a Jersey Mikes sandwich! Udis has partnered with Jersey Mikes to offer safe Gluten Free bread for the sandwiches. You can get all the sandwiches on Gluten Free bread, Id stay away from the meatball sub though. I have been 3 times in the past few weeks and have loved it every time.

    So far Ive had the #8 Club Sub and 2 of the #17 Famous Philly.

    The trick with the cold sandwiches is you are dealing with Udis bread, so it can be dense and fall apart. I ended up not eating all the bread with my cold sandwich just because it was too much. The hot sandwiches are way better in my opinion. Gluten Free bread is most always better heated up or toasted.

    They had good protocols at all 3 restaurants I went to. They changed gloves, had separate utensils, used paper, wiped down the counter and used separate condiments. I felt very safe and enjoyed the sandwiches!

    If you get a hot sub, ask them to wipe down the grill so they can toast your bread. Need to make sure it doesnt have any gluten crumbs on it.

    There is an up-charge for the Gluten Free bread. It is only $1.50 per sandwich, which I didnt think is bad.

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    Buy A Jersey Mikes Giant Sub And Split It With A Buddy To Save $225

    Jersey Mikes says their 14-inch giant sandwiches feed four people, but in my experience its more like two hungry people.

    Next time you and a friend have a hankering for Jersey Mikes Philly cheesesteak sandwich, go ahead and buy the Giant and split it in two. Youd each get 7 of sandwich the equivalent of a Regular sub for $7.13.

    If you were to buy two regular Jersey Mikes Philly cheesesteaks, those would cost $8.25 each, for a total of $16.50. Easy $2.25 savings.

    To Maximize Shore Points Buy Giant Subs And Get Free Mini Subs

    Jersey Mike

    Simply put, if you buy 12 of one type of sandwich, youll get 1 free. But we can do better than that. Its all about maximizing those Shore Points.

    Depending on your order, you could be spending between $1.10 and $1.65 for every Shore Point you earn. Heres the breakdown:

    • Kids Meals: $1.65 spent per point earned
    • Mini Subs/Breakfast Sandwiches: $1.44 $1.64 spent per point earned
    • Regular Subs, Wraps, Subs in a Tub: $1.16 $1.49 spent per point earned
    • Giant Subs: $1.10 $1.25 spent per point earned

    Your best value is to earn points buying Giant Subs theyll always get you at least 8% value back in freebies. But heres the best scenario: You only have to buy a Giant Sub four times to get the 48 points needed for a free Mini Sub. Your total $53 spend will get you a sandwich worth $5.75 $6.55, which is 10.8% 12% back.

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    Ingredients In Jersey Mikes Gluten Free Bread

    The ingredients youll find in Jersey Mikes gluten-free bread are:

    The other gluten-free items available throughout the day are:

    • bacon, egg & cheese
    • sausage, egg & cheese
    • steak, egg & cheese
    • ham, egg & cheese
    • egg & cheese
    • standard salad
    • grilled chicken salad

    You can find out more about each individual sub, allergens, and nutritional information on the Jersey Mikes website here. This tool has a breakdown of each ingredient in every sub and determines which allergens it contains.

    Does Mayo Have Gluten

    Can people following a gluten-free diet eat mayo? When it comes to mayo, its traditional ingredients are usually gluten free. However, according to the Gluten Intolerance Group, those with celiac disease should avoid mayonnaise made using malt vinegar, as it derives from barley, a gluten-containing grain.

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    Jersey Mikes Subs History

    At the age of 14, Peter Cancro took a part-time job at Mikes Submarines. When the shop went up for sales again for the fourth time, Cancros mother suggests him to buy it. With the help of a High School football coach who was also a banker, Cancro when he was 17 and a high school senior, pulled together $125,000 in three days. Today, Cancro is now the CEO and owner of the company.

    He began franchising the restaurant in 1987 and by 2014 there are more than 750 locations with an additional 650 locations at the stage of development. in 2015, 197 new locations were opened and this made a total of 1.000 locations.

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