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Could I Only Eat Bagels For Breakfast ? (NYC)

Locatedat the intersection of Bathurst St. and Elgin Mills Rd. W., What A Bagel at10815 Bathurst St. is Richmond Hills premier bakery & bagel shop forbreakfast, lunch, and catering!

Experience three generations of bagel-making mastery at our Richmond Hill bakery, as we fill basket after basket with our signature bagels and pastries baked fresh throughout the day. Our refined bagel-making techniques are the same since we first opened our doors: Made from scratch, using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, served straight from our ovens to your hands!

Wehave a spacious eatery if youd like to sit down to a casual breakfast or lunchprepared fresh in-house. We have all your classic breakfast and lunch stapleslike omelettes, sandwiches, and super sandwiches as well as creative menu options that youllmemorialize on your social media profiles.

If youre looking for catering in Richmond Hill, we specialize in small event catering. Choose from breakfast, brunch, and lunch catering, corporate catering, and catering for special occasions from our menu and submit your order online.

So if youre in Richmond Hill and want to grab a bite after a round of golf at Maple Downs Golf & Country Club or a day with the kids at the Elgin West Community Centre & Pool, wed love to have you for breakfast or lunch !

Manhattan Bread And Bagel

Manhattan Bread & Bagel is an eco-friendly café and bakery that sells sandwiches, soups, and more than 100 different baked goods each day. This small business has successfully cut down on 35 percent of its total waste stream, reduced trash pick-ups from five days per week to one day per week, and alternatively, increased recycle pick-ups from one day per week to four days per week by using recycled paper and plastic service ware, banning all polystyrene, and partnering with both Waste Management and Recycling to Conserve to recycle its facilitys food waste. Manhattan Bread & Bagel also participated in Southern California Edisons Direct Install Program. This included installing occupancy sensors in storage and bathroom areas, a new LED exit light, T-5 florescent bulbs, upgraded refrigeration gaskets and LED MR16 light bulbs. These actions resulted in a 40 percent savings on the lighting cost portion of this small businesss utility bill. To add to its energy savings, Manhattan Bread & Bagel installed a direct fire tankless water heater to reduce its natural gas use. The bagel shops efforts were so extraordinary that the business was honored with a SoCal Environmental Excellence Development Award by the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition.

This Popular Manhattan Beach Bakery Offers A Tale Of Bread Bagels And Community

Rising to the occasion.

Raw eggs. Bread flour. Yeast. Black Forest ham. Turkey. Smoked Gouda and a myriad of other cheeses by the pound. And, of course, bread and bagels. Who knew a local bakery would be just what the doctor ordered in challenging times?

Founded in 1992 by husband-and-wife Michael Keegan and Lynn Olson, Manhattan Bread & Bagel quickly became a local institution and a valued part of the South Bay. In fact, the entire cinematic universe can partially thank the Keegan family for the classic film Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino, then a video store clerk, would stop by to pick up bagels on a regular basis while writing the screenplay in the back of the late and much-lamented Video Archives, which was located next door to the bagel shop.

âWe think the lack of travel will increase local purchases. We will be making lots of holiday cookies, cakes and treats for local families. We also plan to expand our offering to a larger variety of fun and special treats.â

Due to the decline of home video rentals, Video Archives closed in 1994 and Manhattan Bread & Bagel took over their space. Tarantino may have been too busy to noticeâat the time he was accepting the Palme dâOr at the Cannes Film Festival for Pulp Fiction.

Thanks to this Manhattan Beach institution, we will enjoy bread, family and the holiday spirit as we close a year like no other.

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