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Extend the shelf life of bread and pastries with these compact bread boxes! Use this kitchen storage tool to also keep your countertop tidy.

Bread gained a bad rep due to the misconception that it can make one fat. Yes, it is full of carbs, but this does not mean you will easily gain weight by eating bread alone. Just like with any type of food, you will only gain extra weight if you eat bread in excess. So, dont feel guilty about buying one and enjoying a piece from time to time. Though, make sure to put the leftovers in a bread box to keep them fresh!

S Vintage Roll Top Metal Bread Box Roll Bin For Bread Or Food Storage Vintage Bread Box In Light Blue And Off White Mid Century Modern

Vintage roll top metal bread box, roll bin for bread or food storage in off white and pastel blue metal and chrome details. Lovely mid century modern design from the 1950s. This will be a real icon for your 50s style kitchen!In vintage condition with moderate signs of wear like scratches, a dent at the top and some smaller damages to the enamel, see the photos.Dimensions:Weight: 2000 grams———————-Thank you for visiting Vintage aan de Linge. If you have any questions, please send us a message.You can find our terms & conditions and how we work at the bottom of our home page.Many thanks for reading.

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Best Ceramic: Ack Trading Co Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Ceramic does not absorb odors

This glazed ceramic bread box transports your kitchen countertop to a small village in France with its vintage, hand-painted yellow exterior adorned with the Fleur de Lis symbol. The rectangular shape makes it easy to fit on a counter, and the ceramic construction will not absorb odors, so artisan breads always taste fresh.

The lid sits securely atop the base, and this model is dishwasher safe. But, as with any hand-painted items, hand wash is recommended for longevity of the finish. This compact, stylish bread box makes an attractive addition to any kitchen arsenal.

Price at time of publish:$50

Size: 6.98 x 13.2 x 9 inches | Material: Ceramic

If you’re looking for a bread box to maximize the longevity of baked goods, we recommend the Home-It because it has a dark, cavernous interior and lots of ventilation to keep bread fresh longer. If you want a little bit of retro on the counter with a secure closure, choose the Culinary Couture Bread Box.

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How To Choose A Bread Box’s Size

Choosing the wrong bread box size will limit how much bread you can keep at once.

  • The majority of bread boxes are at least 15 inches long.

  • Some plastic bread boxes can extend for additional space.

  • Some bread boxes have two platforms for storing two loaves or other pastries, which is ideal for those who bake a lot.

  • If you live alone or have a small family and only bake bread from time to time, you can opt for a bread box made for one loaf, such as a 9.5″ H x 15.2″ W x 10.8″ D one.

  • If you have a family with kids and regularly buy a lot of bread, go for a more spacious one: 16.75 inches long with a diameter of 9 inches, or one with multiple containers.

Best Bread Box To Prevent Mold Reviews 2022 Top 5 Picks

Vintage Bread Box Yellow 1940s Plastic Kitchen Storage Container with ...

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Bread boxes are an essential part of the kitchen. Its been sitting on the countertops of many homes for decades and decades.

Nothing can surpass the ability of the traditional bread box in keeping the bread fresh especially for those who love to bake bread.

It does not only preserve the quality of bread and pastries for a longer period of time , but it also helps in waste prevention which will help save money in the long term.

Getting a well-made bread box is the best decision you can make.

Nowadays, many people just store their bread in plastic containers or worst in plastic bags.

This result in the bread is going stale or be filled with molds because it produces moisture remarkably if you are in an area with high humidity.

The bread box keeps the moisture away and at the same time to prevent them from drying as they are to some extent ventilated.

For those who do not consume a lot in a day, it helps you save money by keeping the bread fresh. It can also add storage space on your counter.

There are also different patterns and colors to complement your kitchen. Make sure to keep these features in mind when looking for one.

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Vintage Mid Century Modern Bread Box Red Metal Kitchen Decor

Vintage Mid Century Modern bread box featuring red metal with black trim, perfect for use and display in a country kitchen. The box measures 17 1/2″ wide x 7″ high x 10 1/2″ deep. The paint has minimal wear and looks great. Enjoy! Visit this link to my shop to see my other antiques and vintage treasures for sale!! – RedRiverAntiques.etsy.com

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Which Bread Box Style Is Best For You

Whether you have a colorful or sleek kitchen decor, there will always be a bread box that will meet your taste.

  • Stainless steel bread boxes have a modern design. For extra cohesion, pick one that resembles the finish of your contemporary kitchen appliances.

  • If you’re into vintage styles, go for enamel and ceramic bread boxes. These come in a wide variety of designs and are versatile.

  • Wooden bread boxes are favorable for those who enjoy a more traditional style.

  • Plastic ones offer a more casual and minimalistic look.

  • A bread box with a flat top allows you to store other items on its surface.

Choosing a bread box with the right features can keep your bread and other pastries fresher for a longer time. Bread boxes retain the bread’s original characteristics: a crunchy exterior and a soft interior longer than plastic or paper bags. And that’s the kind of bread we all want to eat!


Modern Bread Box – Unique Modern Furniture – Dot & Bo

Mid century modern bread box by belgian

This vintage item comes straight from the 1950s and offers a retro design that catches everyone’s attention instantly – and for a good reason. It looks stylish and sports the off-white finish, making for a nice option for a bread box.

Antique Bread Box Pie Double Door Hp Rooster Country French Red Free Shipping

Bread box in vintage style. It is completely made of metal and decorated with sophisticated pattern. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Classic form and elegant design.

Deluxe Bread Box

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Which Material Is Best For A Bread Box

You can find bread boxes that go with whatever kitchen theme you have, be it retro or modern. Stainless steel, enamel, plastic, ceramic, and wood are common bread box materials. Each material comes with its functional benefits.

  • Plastic bread boxes: affordable, come in a variety of styles such as see-through, lightweight, and ideal to place in pantries or kitchen cabinets.

  • Wood bread boxes: traditional style and a roomy interior that is appropriate for big families.

  • Stainless steel bread boxes: modern design, easy to clean, durable, and available in different shapes and styles.

  • Enamel bread boxes: vintage and old-fashioned style, made from thin metal, and usually have a print on the front.

  • Ceramic bread boxes: heavy, fragile, and simple design.

Why A Bread Box Is Necessary

Mid Century Cabinet – Restoration and Makeover

Bread is best eaten when fresh! But sometimes we purchase more than we can eat in one sitting, so there are leftovers. It is alright to save a few pieces for later, but expect them to go stale after leaving them out in the open. This happens because the water molecules in bread evaporate, causing the starch molecules in flour to crystallize quickly. You can put the bread back in its original plastic packaging and close it with a rubber band, but this will cause mold to grow. When moisture is trapped inside the plastic bag, it encourages mold growth.

So how can you make bread last longer? You just have to store it in a bread box. It is a food container made from either wood or metal that is used to store bread at room temperature. This helps prevent the bread from drying easily. Moreover, bread boxes have built-in small ventilation holes to help avoid mold growth.

This product has a rating of A.*What does this rating mean?

Key Features

This product has a rating of A.*What does this rating mean?

Your kitchen will look cluttered if you display too many things on the counter. Free up some counter space with the HOMEKOO Bread Storage Bin. It has a double-deck shelf that can hold two large bread loaves. Plus, it has a detachable drawer with adjustable bulkheads. Use this to store table napkins, sachet packs, and other small kitchen knick-knacks.

Key Features

This product has a rating of B.*What does this rating mean?

Key Features

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This Storage Solution Also Keeps Your Counters Uncluttered

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The Spruce Eats / Lecia Landis

A bread box may seem like an outdated piece of kitchenware, but the option to store fresh-baked bread in something other than an unsightly plastic bag is attractive. Bread boxes offer a convenient storage solution that helps preserve the freshness of your loaves for a longer period of time. There is no question about refrigeration or lack of pantry roomthe bread has its place.

Whether you got on the sourdough bread-baking train or want a convenient solution for where to put baked goods, a bread box offers a dark, cool place to keep your baguettes crusty and banana bread supple. And, the available styles fit any kitchen design from farmhouse to modern.

From hardwoods to brightly colored vintage styles, these are the best bread boxes.

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Best Wooden: Williams Sonoma Olivewood Bread Box

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This bread box combines function and aesthetics with its richly grained exterior and sliding acrylic door, which offers clear views and easy access. The graceful lines combined with its sturdy construction make it a great choice for the modern kitchen. It’s crafted from tightly grained, dense, moisture-resistant olive wood, a hardwood sourced from Olea europaea trees.

The sliding lid makes it easy to know when bread needs to go on the grocery list, and the acrylic material is a cinch to clean. The ample interior allows for plenty of bread, bagel, and muffin storage, allowing for tidy countertops. The gorgeous wood grain and smooth finish add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, and it cleans easily with a damp cloth. To ensure the beautiful finish stays lovely, an occasional rub of mineral oil will restore the shine and moisturize the wood.

Price at time of publish:$150

Size: 15 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches | Material: Solid olive wood with acrylic door

Additional Aspects To Consider When Purchasing A Bread Box

Lustro Ware Bread Box Mid Century Modern 1950s Turquoise Vintage

A quality bread box has air vents to prevent moisture accumulation. If you live somewhere hot, make sure your bread box has an added bit of ventilation to avoid dampness.

There are several choices in terms of how a bread box open:

  • Roll tops: convenient, easy to access and use, the lid slides up, doesn’t require a lot of space.
  • Hinge door: door opens in the front, requires more space when opening, suitable for open counter spaces.
  • Pull-open door: requires you to pull the handle towards you.
  • Other bread boxes have lids on the top. Only practical when you buy or bake a certain size bread.

Consider a bread box that isn’t too large if you have a narrow countertop.

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Carrie Honaker is a food writer who loves a crusty loaf of bread. As a restaurateur and avid home cook, she has baked thousands of loaves of bread and knows the importance of storing it in the proper container to ensure freshness. Her work has appeared in many publications, including Bon Appetit, Allrecipes, and Wine Enthusiast.

Whats The Best Material For A Modern Bread Box

A modern bread box needs to protect bread and baked items from humidity and aridity therefore, youll want a moisture-proof, airtight box that has openings that you can selectively open and close, as your bread requires.

Weve found that the best material for such a bread box is a transparent pyrex, glass, or plastic. That gives you the option to see your bread pieces, which lowers the likelihood of their going bad before you can enjoy them. In addition, the transparent look is very much in vogue right now, and can help make your kitchen feel less cluttered.

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Floating Shelves Work Wonderfully In The Office Bedroom Living Room Or Playroom

Floating shelves complete the look of any room. Available in mixed materials of metal and wood and different shapes and sizes, choosing your look is easy. These shelves hold personal items such as photos and memories, candles, books, plants, and other decorative trinkets and give your space an intimate, personal feel.

Do You Need To Clean A Bread Box

How To Build Mid Century Modern TV Stand, Credenza, Media Console | Woodworking

Simply put, yes. Most bread boxes only require a quick wipe from a damp sponge, but you want to make sure there are no little bits of food left in the bread box for insects or other pests to find. You also want to avoid a situation where the humidity has caused moisture or mold spores to grow. Periodic cleaning will alleviate that issue. Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s instructions as some materials need to be dried immediately or occasionally rubbed with mineral oil.

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Best Farmhouse: Creative Co

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Not ideal for hot climates

  • Bottom can scratch some surfaces

If you spend your days dreaming of Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table kitchen, this is the model for you. The rustic farmhouse charm of The Creative Co-Op Bread Box is complete with an aluminum structure finished with distressed white paint finish and blocky black typography. Like all things farmhouse-inspired, the paint and finish may vary from product to product to ensure that rustic look.

It is attractive, but the functionality cannot be ignored. The deep well and high sides allow space to accommodate more than just a standard loaf of bread. It can double as your bagel box, a spot for recipes, or even small baked goods, like muffins, without squashing anything. The side and top handles make for convenient portability, and the enameled-finish wipes clean easily with a damp sponge.

Price at time of publish:$130

Size: 13.5 x 8.25 x 12 inches | Material: Aluminum

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