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Arborwood at Mann Road Apartments in Indianapolis, IN –

We know that not all pets were created equally. You might not give a damn bout your dogs reputation, but you might notice that many landlords may not be on the same page with you. For instance, not all rental properties have apartments that allow pit bulls. Landlords call it precaution, you call it breed discrimination. No worries, though, because theres a perfect apartment for your pit bull too. If you are wondering how to rent with a pit bull, scroll down to the Pet Policy section in the listing description to find out if the property youre interested in offers no-breed-restriction apartments. Be perseverant, and you will find dog-friendly apartments in Indianapolis, IN that allow large breeds too. The average size for a Indianapolis, IN apartment is 945 Sq.Ft., so youre sure to find an apartment big enough to fit you and your sweet-natured giant. You can contact the property manager through, or call them directly from the RentCafe Mobile App, and ask if they have any pit bull friendly rentals. Soon enough, you and your buddy will be snuggling in the coziness of the pet-friendly rooms youve been searching for.

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What Does A Pet Deposit Cover What Does It Mean When A Pet Deposit Is Non

The pet deposit covers many potential issues. Some of these include, but are not limited to, insurance for the unit, damage to the unit because of pets and the time spend on pet-related issues.If your lease states that your pet deposit is non-refundable, this means that you make the one-time deposit and you will NOT receive the money back when your lease ends. Unlike a security deposit youll likely get your security deposit money back when your lease ends your pet deposit will not be refunded, even if you cause no damage to the unit.

How Much Is A Fair Or Typical Pet Security Deposit

According to a recent study by Pet Finder, most pet-friendly rentals were found to charge a separate pet deposit. The average pet deposit was between 40% and 85% of the rent, depending on what data was used. In general, it should be noted that in addition to a separate pet deposit the average total deposit was larger for pet-friendly housing. The prevalence of pet deposits varied by location. Additionally, the spread in deposit usage between locations was sizeable.

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Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Renting A Pet

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Indianapolis is an enigma. Naptown, Indianoplace, and references by Baltimorians too unsavory for this site are all used as paramount putdowns about a city thought to be blander and more uninspired than powdered water. But Indianapolis is the capital city to movies set in the Hoosier State such as Hoosiers, Breaking Away, and Rudy . Plus, at certain times of the year, Indy becomes as frenetic as any city on earth like its New Years, Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, and Robert Isray Appreciation Day all rolled into one.

Renting pet-friendly apartments in Indianapolis should offer peace of mind and convenience for our furry friends. Its crucial to find an apartment thatll work for both you and your pet. Before signing a pet-friendly apartment, take your time to study the layout and ask plenty of questions.

Some pet-friendly apartments in Indianapolis may request a pet deposit or only accept certain dog breeds. You should also consider if the floors are hardwood or carpeted. Hardwood may be easier to clean-up fur and a mess but could mean your neighbors below hear the tapping of your dog running past. An outdoor balcony can also be ideal for a pet who needs some fresh air.

Rules And Regulations For Pet Owners

Axis Indianapolis, IN
  • A monthly pet fee is due for each pet on the 1st of the month.
  • A non-refundable pet fee is required to be paid at move-in before the pet can have access to the apartment home. Pet rent ins $50 per pet.
  • Resident agrees that only the pet described and named below will occupy premises, up to, but not exceeding two pets per apartment. No additional or different pet is/are authorized under this Agreement, other than those stated below. Visiting pets are prohibited. For the purposes of this Lease, pet is strictly limited to cats or dogs only.
  • You must supply the office certification from your veterinarian at move-in confirming that your animal is current on all shots. This must also be done at the time of recertification, which is the anniversary date of your move-in. Failure to provide shot certification is cause for immediate lease termination.
  • Resident agrees that the pet will be kept inside apartment at all times except when the pet is on a leash and while accompanied by and under the control of resident. No pets are to be tethered outside the apartment premises.There are no exceptions!
  • The pet may not spray the shrubbery or trees.
  • Any business done by the pet while it is walked must be removed from the ground, sealed in an airtight bag, and disposed of properly in a dumpster.
  • Any evidence that your pet has used the area outside of your home as a restroom will be removed from the ground by our staff and you will be charged $30.00 per scoop.
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    • A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per household. A $200 initial pet fee is due at move in and will cover up to 2 pets. Pet rent is $20 per pet per month. Breed Restrictions: Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman, Chow, Great Dane St. Bernard, Akita

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    What Is The Average Price Of A Pet

    The average price of a pet-friendly apartment varies widely, in large part due to the difference in rent price across the country. The important piece of information to focus on is the additional costs and fees for having a pet in your apartment. For example, the price of your pet-friendly unit may not be any more expensive in terms of rent price than a non-pet-friendly place, but the pet fees might cause a small increase in monthly payments.

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    How Common Are Pet

    Pet-friendly apartments are extremely common today. Pet ownership rates in the United States show no signs of slowing down, which means property managers and landlords are now, more than ever, willing to accept tenants with pets. According to research, cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco more than half of the available units allow pets.

    Do I Have To Pay Pet Rent Or Can I Avoid This

    Arborwood at Mann Road Apartments in Indianapolis, IN –

    We recommend that you follow the guidelines provided by your apartment community or property manager. It is not advisable to host a pet in your apartment without notifying the owner or management company. In many cases, this could result in serious legal trouble. In most cases, the landlord or owner has legal power to charge a pet fee or rent, as long as you and your pet are occupying the rental.Be sure to check your state laws before paying pet fees, pet rent or other pet deposits. States vary on whether owners can even charge pet deposits or pet fees so please do check your state laws. If youre in a state that doesnt allow this, or if youre renting from someone in any state with a service or companion animal, charging a pet deposit or pet fee may not be allowed.

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    What Is Pet Rent And What Does It Cover

    Pet rent is a fee charged on a monthly basis and is separate from the pet deposit. This monthly charge covers the cost of your pet actually living in your rental. Rentals are not required by law to allow pets to be on the premise unless they are a service pet or involved with your functioning on a daily basis .Many property managers and landlords charge this recurring monthly pet rent in the amount of $50-$100. It is simply an additional amount of money added to the regular rent, and this practice is becoming more popular. The amount of pet rent could vary based on the number and type of pets allowed.

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