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Pure Balance Dogfood Review– Dog’s that have food sensitivity

Wild & Free Trout & Lentil is one of Pure Balances grain-free recipes. The use of Trout is what caught our eye as Trout is a highly nutritious and relatively uncommon addition to dog food.

Trout can provide high-quality fish-based protein and fat. In addition, Trout is an excellent source of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are known to provide a number of health benefits.

Sadly the recipe does use a portion of Pea Protein, which is a vegetable by-product. However, this is not surprising given the price range of the recipe, with higher cost alternatives out of reach.

The recipe is rounded out with a portion of Peas and Potatoes, which provide a mix of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

What Dog Food Is Killing Dogs

Midwestern Pet Foods expanded its recall of dry dog and cat food following reports that dozens of dogs died after eating the Sportmix dry kibble, the FDA said. A pet food recall is widening after the Food and Drug Administration announced that more than two dozen dogs died after eating Sportmix brand dry kibble.

What Color Dog Food Should You Never Buy

Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6 and Blue 2

First and foremost, they cant see colors as humans do, and natural, non-colored dog food will be brown colored after cooking. Any other color can be attributed to the artificial dyes of Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6 and Blue 2.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

Choosing the best dog food is tricky. Pure Balance is considered by many pet parents owing to its healthy formulation and affordable cost. To know whether it is worth your consideration, read this in-depth Pure Balance dog food review:

Summary: This is a perfect example of what a balanced meal for dogs should contain. A healthy, grain-inclusive formula with high protein content, boosted with probiotic strains, added minerals, and vitamins that enhance the overall health of dogs, including heart health, vision, muscle health, and skin and coat health.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Small breeds of all life stages

Flavor options: Chicken and brown rice

Price: $1.23 per pound

  • With healthy grains and sources of protein
  • Improves digestive health with probiotic strains
  • Promotes shinier coat and skin
  • Improves heart health
  • Rich in dietary fiber


  • Contains chicken meal and preserved poultry fat

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Chicken, peas, brown rice, barley, dried beet pulp, flaxseed oil, chicory root, cranberries, biotin, folic acid, vitamins and minerals, dried fermentation product of probiotic strains
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Chicken meal, chicken fat

Review: Based on 233 global ratings, this premium dog food recipe has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Pet owners claim that it healed their dogs diarrhea issues.

Type: Dry dog food

Flavor options: Salmon and pea

Price: $1.37 per pound

  • With by-product meals and chicken fat



Pure Balance Dry Dog Food

Canikur Pro Paste

Apart from the grain-free and 95% lines, there is a series of regular dry dog recipes offered by Pure Balance. These dry foods are corn-free, and instead of this type of filler, they contain brown rice, which has some nutritional value compared to corn.

The quality of the dry foods of Pure Balance is much higher than the average dry dog foods.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Recall History

There have been no recalls for Pure Balance dog food in recent history.

Final Thoughts

While there have been mixed reviews about Pure Balance products in the past, I have found no reason to believe that this is a low-quality food. The product I reviewed was average, but I believe that their grain-free varieties lean towards above-average if youre willing to pay a bit more. Either way, Pure Balance fills a great spot in the market.

If you and your dog need an affordable, easy-to-find food that leaves out the cheapest filler ingredients like corn and soy, this is the food for you to try.

Here Are The Main Pros And Cons Of Pure Balance


  • It is readily available in every Walmart store and on Amazon, unlike other pure and healthy high-end dog foods sold at designated pet stores or can only be pre-ordered, so there is no need to place orders and wait for it to be delivered.
  • The ingredients are carefully picked and combined to provide well-balanced, nutritional healthy meals for your dog. The wholesome ingredients make the digestion of the food easier and help improve the dogs digestive and immune systems, leading them to be much happier and healthier.
  • They are much more affordable than high-end dog foods, which also use wholesome and natural ingredients.


  • As with any other type of dog food, some pets may not respond well to this one. They can dislike it or may show negative digestive effects after consuming it.

Final verdict

Pure Balance dog food is a reasonably priced, readily available, healthy food for your pets. All pure ingredients combine perfectly to create a delicious and properly balanced meal for a healthier and happier canine friend.

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Why Customers Don’t Love It

  • Some of their formulas use grains and byproducts, which can be detrimental to dogs with allergies or sensitivities.
  • These products contain lower amounts of omega fatty acids. They are, however, obtained mostly from natural sources, not from supplements.
  • Usage of pea proteins can be a problem for some dogs. Pea proteins, or, in fact, any plant passed proteins, are not as biologically compatible with dogs as animal-based proteins.
  • Some formulas may be lacking in taste, but that can be highly subjective. Some owners report that their dogs arent enjoying their meals. They should try one from the dog food for picky eaters list.

Walmart Releases Super Premium Private Label Pet Foods

Pure Balance

BENTONVILLE, ARK. Walmart announced May 3 it has launched a line of veterinarian-formulated pet food products under its private label Pure Balance brand. The new products, PRO+, include four formulas for cats and five formulas for dogs.

Pure Balance PRO+ cat food formulas include a dry sensitive skin and stomach diet formulated with turkey a wet pâté Healthy Weight formula with chicken and fish a kitten-specific dry food with chicken and a senior cat food option with chicken.

Dry dog food formulas include a puppy diet with chicken and rice a senior diet with salmon and brown rice a large breed formula with chicken and brown rice a small breed diet with chicken and peas and a weight management diet with chicken and oatmeal.

These new dog and cat diets include added vitamins and minerals including DHA, glucosamine and chondroitin, L-Carnitine and antioxidants depending on the formula and are free from fillers and artificial ingredients, according to Walmart.

All dry dog food products sold in 8-lb bags which includes the puppy, senior, large breed, small breed and weight management diets are priced at $9.88 per bag. The small breed dog food is also available in a 16-lb package at $18.08 per bag, and the puppy diet is available in a 16-lb package at $10.86 per bag. There is also a 30-lb option for the large breed PRO+ dog food, priced at $17.34 per bag.

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About Pure Balance Pet Food:

Pure Balance is a premium dog food and cat food brand owned by Walmart. They offer dry dog food, wet dog food and dog food treat varieties. Pure Balance Dog Food is manufactured in the United States. You can purchase Pure Balance both in store and online from Walmart. You can also . To find your closest location search on the Walmart store directory.

Pure Balance Dog Food Varieties:

Dry Dog Food:

Wet Dog Food:

  • Pure Balance Grain Free Beef, Vegetable and Brown Rice Stew Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Grain Free Chicken and Gravy Wet Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Performance Beef and Chicken Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Performance Chicken Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice Stew Recipe Canned Puppy Food
  • Pure Balance Wild and Free Fresh Beef and Bison Recipe Rolled Chub Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Wild and Free Fresh Chicken, Beef, Salmon and Egg Recipe Rolled Chub Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Senior Salmon and Chicken Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Grain Free Beef, Green Bean and Carrot Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Turkey and Potato Recipe Canned Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Small Breed Turkey Stew Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Small Breed Chicken Stew Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Pure Balance Pro+ Small Breed Beef Stew Recipe Wet Dog Food

Pure Balance Cat Food Varieties:

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Available Pure Balance Dog Food Coupons:

  • Download the Walmart app for potential coupon offers, they also have Walmart coupons you can print online before heading to the store.
  • Also keep an eye on your Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert for potential Pure Balance Coupons.
  • Check back on Pet Coupon Savings and we will update with Pure Balance Dog Food Coupons and Pure Balance Cat Food Coupons as soon as we find them!

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Pure Balance Guaranteed Analysis

The Pure Balance dog food nutrition levels correspond to the requirements of AAFCO. This is easily proven by the ingredient percentage provided on the back of the package.

The minimum protein levels may vary between 23-30% in kibble, but thats already more than many competitors in the same price range can offer. The crude fat is guaranteed to make up at least 15% in all dry meals, and the fiber content is about 5% but doesnt exceed it.

The dry foods cannot have too much liquid in them, so the moisture does not go higher than 10%. If your dog does not drink enough water separately, consider wet food with a guaranteed high percentage of moisture.

Pure Balance Dog Food Reviewed


Pure Balance dog food is a Walmart-labeled pet line that is intended to provide your dog with a healthy, natural, and cost-efficient option for dinner. They offer a multitude of flavors and recipes, and they have an entire feline line, too.

Pure Balance dog food not only carries wet and dry food, but also a few other options which we will discuss more thoroughly below. Each recipe contains all-natural ingredients that promote your pups health and overall well-being. Not only that, but Pure Balance maintains that their facilities are run at AAFCO standards, and they follow their nutritional guidelines.

Lets take a closer look at their products.

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What Dogs Is There A Pure Balance Dog Food Recipe For

Pure Balance is a little limited in what they have to offer when compared to other brands with extensive product lines, but it still does a decent job of having something for most pups. The side of each bag tells you exactly what type of dog each formula is safe for, and most say that, according to AAFCO standards, they are formulated for all life stages. Some are even safe for dogs over 70 pounds. But if youre looking for a specific recipe, you might have a difficult time finding it in this brands product line.

About Pure Balance Dog Food

Pure balance dog food comes from a company that truly cares and loves dogs. Their whole business philosophy revolves around this notion, around taking care of dogs in the best way possible, around never cutting corners. Every single ingredient that used for pure balance dog food is utilized efficiently and properly to provide your dogs with the best nutrition possible.

The nutritional profile of all Pure Balance Dog Food products has been tested and analyzed by experts. Furthermore, there are no filler foods, meaning that there are no extra calorically dense, but nutritionally weak foods that dont really help your dog that much. So, there is no corn, wheat, soy, and any other presence of grains is minimal. This not only makes this product jam packed with extra nutrients, but it also makes it great for any and all dogs that have grain sensitivities.

Indeed, ingredients used in dog food really can vary immensely, with some people cutting corners and getting the filler or even toxic ingredients, all in the name of better profit margins. Pure Balance avoids this and gives its all to give your dog the best nutrition possible. They want your dogs to have the strongest bones, the healthiest teeth and the shiniest coats possible.

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Pure Balance Chicken Canned Dog Food

If your pup is a fan of wet food, they will love this chicken-flavored meal. Available in a 12.5-ounce can, you can pick this up as a single tester dinner or in a six-pack. The overall formula is a nutritious food for your dog that is packed with vitamins and minerals.

This is an all-natural formula that contains no fillers, wheat, corn, or soy. Beyond that, it also doesnt have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. There is also a grain-free option that will be kind on your puppys stomach. Easy to digest, this food is a great canned meal for your pet. The only drawback to this option is it contains high levels of sodium.

  • Contains no soy or corn

If you are looking for nutritious dry dog food, this natural formula will be a great pick. This formula contains no wheat, corn, or say. You will not find any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, plus the kibble is the right size for big pets on smaller pups.

Not only is this pet food full of vitamins and minerals, but it is also formulated to support your dogs immune system, heart health, and digestive system. Your pet will have an easy time passing this food, plus its delicious. The only downside is this food does not contain any joint supporting supplements like chondroitin or glucosamine which is a great ingredient for many dogs as it can not only help with pain but be preventive, as well. Other than that, this is good dry food for your dog.

  • Can upset pets stomach at first
  • Contains carrageenan

Is Pure Balance As Good As Blue Buffalo

Natural Balance Fat Dogs | Chewy

Hands down, Pure Balance is the more reliable brand. Although Blue Buffalo has more years of experience, they have had many recalls in the last decade. Its concerning that recalls have happened repeatedly, so Id trust Pure Balance more if I needed to switch Maggies food.

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Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food Chicken & Pea:

The product has chicken as the key ingredient which is an excellent source of protein, which is highly effective for dogs. This product is also perfect as it provides more calories that are required for a dog to play and run with any difficulty. Also has peas which are rich in amino acids and are good for dogs health. Also, the product has some other effective ingredients which improve your dogs insulin sensitivity. Such as potatoes. Whereas the product also has effective nutrients such as vitamin E and C, minerals,s and vitamins which boost your dogs immune system, and most importantly it is a grain-free product, which makes it a perfect choice for allergic dogs.

  • The perfect option for dogs with allergies
  • The only con about this product is that you cannot switch your dogs diet to this at once. it has to be gradual.

How Does Pure Balance Dog Food Measure Up

Now that youve read our Pure Balance dog food review, there are a few things to consider when deciding whether this line of Pure Balance dog food is the right brand for your pup.

Most of these formulas contain more protein than the average commercial dog food. For example, the bison and pea formula has a whopping 30 percent crude protein. That said, most of these formulas also contain pea protein, which increases the protein, which is not as easily used by your dogs body as animal protein. In the bison and pea recipe, pea is the sixth most plentiful ingredient.

The fat content in this line is about average for commercial dog food, but the sunflower oil that shows up in some of these formulas isnt an ideal source of fat. Look for something with more fish oil instead. its worth noting that the inclusion of significant amounts of pea protein and lower quality oils makes this food less than optimal for highly active dogs, but they are fine for a typical pet.

Now, onto the good stuff. We love that Pure Balance stays away from corn, wheat, and soy as these grains are low in nutritional value and seen as fillers by many brands, although some formulas include brewers rice, which has only moderate nutritional value. There are also no animal by-products, which is another big plus.

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