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How To Make Banana Bread With Sour Cream And Brown Sugar

Grandma’s Sour Cream Banana Bread – How to Make
  • Make a parchment paper sling. This is optional, but its helpful to get the bread out of the pan without any stress. To make the sling, cut a piece of parchment paper to be as wide as the long side of the pan. Press the parchment down into the pan so it lays flat. Greasing the pan first can help it stick. Leave 1-2 inches of extra parchment paper draped over each of the long sides to act as handles when youre pulling it from the pan, then trim the rest. Grease the inside of the parchment paper with butter or cooking spray.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Combine the butter and sugars. In a large mixing bowl, combine the melted butter, brown sugar, and white sugar. Whisk together until smooth, creamy, and no brown sugar lumps remain.
  • Add wet ingredients. Whisk in the sour cream, then add the eggs, one at a time, whisking well after each addition. Stir in the vanilla.
  • Add bananas. In another bowl, mash the bananas then whisk them into the sour cream mixture.
  • Add dry ingredients. Sprinkle the flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon evenly over top of the wet ingredients, then gently stir everything together until no white remains.
  • Bake. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 45-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with just a few moist crumbs.
  • Cool. Allow the bread to cool for at least 10 minutes before removing from the pan.
  • How To Ripen Bananas Quickly

    There is a hack to ripening bananas at home. If you dont have brown bananas, you have two options: you can use regular yellow bananas and just mash them up really well. If you do this, increase the brown sugar by about 1/4 to 1/3 cup and add a pinch more salt. The other option is to line a pan with foil, turn your oven on to 300 degrees F, and bake yellow bananas for about 15 minutes until the peels are black. Let cool completely and then use for banana bread!

    More Banana Bread Recipes

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    Variations Of Sour Cream Banana Bread

    There are so many different ways to customize this recipe to make it your own. We sometimes add ½-1 cup chocolate chips or nuts .

    You could try a simple crumb topping or frost it with my favorite cream cheese frosting .

    Of course, sour cream banana bread also tastes darn delicious without any extras at all.

    This is the kind of recipe I hope youll return to over and over again throughout the years. Maybe as a surprise after-school snack for the kids. Maybe for breakfast with good friends. Or maybe itll find its way into a care package or Welcome, neighbor! basket.

    Ive made this bread so many times now, its committed to memory. I hope itll become a part of our family throughout the years, bringing comfort, delight, and the satisfaction of a warm, buttery slice of bread for generations to come.

    Why This Recipe Works

    Sour Cream Banana Bread Recipe

    If youre looking for a moist slice of banana bread, look no further.

    This easy recipe uses ripe bananas and the addition of sour cream to add tang and moisture to a flavorful, bakery style bread.

    • I love that this recipe makes TWO loaves of bread. Perfect to store an extra loaf in the freezer for later, or share it immediately with family and friends.
    • Flexible recipe- add chocolate chips, walnuts, or top it with a vanilla icing.
    • Super moist and flavorful.

    I prefer my banana bread on DAY two. Do your own taste test and let me know what you think. The rich flavor is enhanced on day two, in my opinion!

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    A Banana Bread Recipe Worthy Of A Wedding Cake

    A few years back, we conducted a very formal scientific study to determine the best banana bread.

    By that I mean, we made four different banana bread recipes, served them to a group of our friends, and had them vote on their favorite.

    We tried banana breads that used vegetable oil and butter, five bananas or three, all granulated sugar and all brown sugar.

    This banana bread recipe with sour cream and brown sugar rose to the very top, striking all the right flavor and texture notes.

    A few weeks later, one of our friends , asked us to use that banana bread recipe to make her wedding cake. The story of that cake is for another day, but suffice it to say, we have put this banana bread recipe through its paces.

    Over and over, this recipe has proven itself to be delicious enough for a wedding cake, but also easy enough for an average Saturday morning.

    Ingredients In Caramel Banana Bread

    Challenge Salted Caramel Snack Spread: This is a new product from Challenge Butter. Its a creamy salted caramel dip thats made with real butter and perfect for baking with and using as a spread or dip.

    Bananas: Be sure to use overripe bananas! The more brown spots the better no green. They get sweeter as they age and are perfect for baking.

    Challenge Butter: I always bake with unsalted butter be sure its softened.

    Brown Sugar: I swapped granulated to keep the bread moist and add a little extra flavor. Be sure to pack your brown sugar when measuring.

    Eggs: I always use large eggs.

    Salt: Needed, since we started with unsalted butter. Omit if using salted butter.

    Milk: You can use buttermilk, sour milk, regular or nonfat milk, or nondairy milk.

    Vinegar: If youre not using buttermilk or sour milk, youll need to add vinegar to activate the baking soda.

    Baking Soda: The leavening that makes the bread rise.

    All-Purpose Flour: Be sure to measure the flour correctly.

    Tip From Dorothy

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    How To Mash Bananas

    Did you know you can use your electric mixer to mash bananas? Break or slice the spotty bananas into large pieces and place in the bowl of your stand mixer or use a regular mixing bowl and your hand mixer. Begin beating on low, then gradually increase to medium-high speed as the bananas break down into mashed banana. Transfer the bananas to another bowl and use the mixing bowl for the banana bread ingredients.

    I do this when I mash bananas for banana muffins, too.

    Best Banana Bread Recipe

    Sour Cream Banana Bread Recipe | Bake With Me

    My sister Nikki called me a few years ago, confused that I didnt have a banana bread recipe on the blog. Its such a basic, how dare I not have a recipe for it anywhere?? Im finally getting around to it. Everyone needs a great recipe for this classic.

    Banana bread has never been my favorite, so I knew it would take me a while of testing tons of different recipes to find out what I like most about banana bread, and then perfect my own version. Im happy to say Ive found the moist banana bread that will be my go-to from now on!

    In anticipation of all the testing, I went to the store and bought over 25 bananas. The store clerks were totally giving me the side eye, because who does that?? I needed to let them sit and ripen so I could get on with the Great Banana Bread Bake-Off of 2020!

    Erics parents were in town several days later when my bananas were just starting to brown. From the other room one morning I heard my mother-in-law Kris say something about making banana cake, and I came barreling into the kitchen like a psycho person, telling her the precious brown bananas were claimed. Sorry Kris!! Ripe bananas dont just grow on trees! They take days to get to the perfect level of banana bread perfection!

    I ended up making at least 12 batches of bread. Here are the first 8. Props to my in-laws Kris and Chip for helping me narrow down the best features of each one so that we could find the Perfect Banana Bread.

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    Banana Bread With Sour Cream Is Moist Fluffy And Delicious

    If you have never made a loaf of quick banana bread before, now is the time to start. It smells divine as it bakes, but the taste is also heavenly. Besides, you can control what goes into it and make it as healthy or indulgent as you want.

    If you are looking for an easy banana bread recipe, look no further. This banana bread with sour cream is all you need for that cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon.

    I dont know if people need another banana bread recipe, but here I am sharing this easy recipe with you. I love a good loaf of banana bread now and then and have various recipes that I like to make. Banana bread is such a tremendous comforting bread that everyone loves.

    Banana Bread With Sour Cream

    • 64.4K

    The moist Banana Bread recipe youve been searching for! I tested a ton of different recipes so you dont have to. The result is a bread that is super moist and perfectly fluffy. Its full of banana flavor without being too dense. Its my favorite banana nut bread! And its easy to make!Originally posted May 28, 2020.

    Charlotte was in the living room the other day and called me over with an accusing look on her face. Mom, was dad watching TV last night? And eating something? Because I thought I heard something, and there are crumbs on the couch. Um. Good sleuthing, Sherlock. This is what we do literally every night after you are in bed: eat snacks and watch TV.

    I have no idea how its taken her 9 years to figure this out! I told her that this is the kind of behavior she can look forward to indulging in when shes in her 30s. I didnt mention the mortgage and the job and the lawn to mow I didnt want to crush all her dreams of staying-up-late-eating-cookies-bliss.

    How was everyones Memorial Day weekend? Eric and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary! It was so fun, and you guys, we stayed at a place that wasnt our house! We ate in a restaurant that wasnt our kitchen! We had a full 30 hours away from our children! There is nothing like coming out of quarantine to make the sun shine brighter and food taste even more amazing. Maybe we should always shut ourselves in our houses for 2 months before a vacation. We would enjoy it more!

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    The Super Moist Banana Bread Stores Well

    There are several ingredients in this recipe like the sour cream that keep the banana bread moist and flavorful. Not only does this banana bread keep well at room temperature, it also stores wonderfully in both the fridge and the freezer. Be sure to checkout the FAQ section below for more instructions on how to store the banana bread long term!

    Use The Best Butter For Best Results

    The Best Sour Cream Banana Bread  Freutcake

    Its so important to use quality ingredients when baking, which is why I always use Challenge Butter. I grew up with Challenge its the only one my parents use. It comes from happy cows without any added hormones and its award winning too!

    The new Challenge Snack Spreads are made with real butter and are available in seasoned and sweet varieties . These spreads mix and match with your favorite foods use them as a dip, spread or bake with them!

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    How To Store Banana Bread Made With Sour Cream

    Some people asked me if they have to keep the banana bread made with sour cream in the fridge. No, you dont have to do that. Keep it wrapped in parchment paper and then in a bag, on the counter, or in your kitchens dark, cool place. It will be delicious for up to three days.

    If you live in a very humid environment, refrigerate it is a good idea. From my experience, during the summer and when it is humid outside, any bread that sits on the counter for more than two days will get moldy.

    I Dont Have Sour Cream But I Still Want To Make The Bread What Can I Use

    While things will not be the same, you can use yogurt. Please use plain, unsweetened, full-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt.

    Do NOT use flavored yogurt with added sugars and artificial flavors, buttermilk, milk, or non-dairy milk. Remember, we are looking to replace the sour cream with something almost similar in thickness. We do not want to add extra liquid to the batter.

    Also, yogurt is more acidic than sour cream so that the bread will have a tangier taste.

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    Heres A Few Reasons Why This Banana Bread Is Our Favorite

    • It only requires two bananas! Maybe three. Or two and a half. You only need one cup of mashed bananas, so its not super banana heavy. It also means you dont need a whole bunch of bananas in order for this to work!
    • The sour cream makes the bread super tender and moist. You can also use plain greek yogurt! Ive made it probably hundreds of times using both sour cream and greek yogurt. Its interchangeable!
    • The sprinkle of chocolate chips on top brings the perfect amount of chocolatey sweetness. I like it this way better than sprinkling chocolate chips in the batter. When they are on top like this, its almost like you get a chocolate crust on top of the bread. Just make sure they are in a single layer, otherwise they will mostly sink into the center!
    • This is a classic banana bread that isnt spiced at all. No nuts either. Im strictly team no nuts in desserts.

    Is this a dessert though? Lets be real banana bread is just an excuse to eat cake and dessert for breakfast. And Im not mad about it.

    Of course feel free to make this your own in a way that works for you. Add some nuts, leave the chocolate chips off or stir them right into the batter.

    Its the perfect treat to make this weekend!

    Other Banana Bread Ingredients

    Worlds Best Sour Cream Banana Bread
    • Butter: Use softened butter for a soft texture and irresistible butter flavor.
    • Brown Sugar: Use all brown sugar in this recipe. In the headnotes for this chocolate chip cookies recipe, I explain that brown sugar yields soft and moist cookies. Well brown sugar works that same magic in banana bread, too. It also adds wonderful flavor.
    • Eggs: Eggs supply cakes, cupcakes, breads, doughs, and cookies their stability and structure, as well as a tender texture. Youll need 2 large eggs in this banana bread recipe.
    • Yogurt: Yogurt adds even more moisture to this banana bread. I like to use yogurt as much as possible when Im baking. Sour cream is a wonderful substitution for plain yogurt. You can use the two interchangeably in most baking recipes.

    For banana nut bread, add 3/4 cup of chopped nuts to the banana bread batter I like using either pecans or walnuts. I absolutely adore their sweet, toasty, and slight crunch nestled inside the soft banana bread crumbs. Feel free to leave them out completely if youre not a fan of banana nut bread!

    For a whole wheat version, try my whole wheat banana bread.

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    Serving Sauted Banana Bread

    There are so many ways to serve this! Plain, with peanut butterbut my favorite is a slathering of Challenge Butter Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil. Its spreadable straight out of the fridge!

    Orspread the bread with even more of the Dessert Snack Spread you could even use the Vanilla Fudge or Chocolate flavors for topping this quick banana bread recipe.

    There are 6 flavors of Snack Spread and I love every single one. The Salted Caramel is for sure my favorite!

    Why This Recipe Works:

    If you love a good baking recipe, you’re going to be thrilled with this banana walnut bread recipe.

    • It’s super moist because the recipe uses sour cream and a lot of ripe mashed banana.
    • There’s a sweet and crunchy topping
    • There are tons of walnuts and loads of smashed ripe banana in this recipe which means tons of flavor and great texture
    • This banana bread freezes exceptionally well, so plan on making a lot if you have extra bananas

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    Moist Banana Bread Recipe With Sour Cream

    Some banana bread recipes have the tendency to dry out a few days after baking. Not so with this recipe!

    This banana bread is ultra moist and almost buttery in its textureand it stayed just as moist even the next day. The Banana Bread recipe with sour cream below makes two perfect loaves of moist banana heaven. Eat one right away then freeze the other for later!

    The Secrets To Make A Good Banana Bread:

    Sour Cream Banana Bread Recipe

    There is banana bread, and there is banana bread made with sour cream. My favorite banana bread is made with sour cream, and there are only two secrets to making a great loaf: really ripe fruit and sour cream. Lets talk about each of them.

    Ripe bananas.

    There is no question that the best banana bread is made with ripe bananas, usually the ones that have darker brown spots, and everyone avoids them.

    Green-yellow bananas will add little or no flavor. A bright yellow banana that otherwise would be perfect for snacking would not do either. Can you use them in the recipe? Technically yes, but the results will be very boring.

    You have to use only bananas that are past their eating prime- light brown with darker brown spots will have the moisture and rich taste necessary for a fine quick bread like this one.

    Dont throw out those overripe bananas just place them in the refrigerator to stop the ripening process until you are ready to make your banana bread. You can also freeze them and use them later.

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