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Einkorn Sourdough Bread made out of 100% Einkorn flour is something you will never find in a bakery .
Therefore making it at home is your best option! My recipe below is whole grain, has a soft texture and super flavorful! It is also important to note that it has been cold fermented for 18 hours.
Have you heard of Einkorn before?

If you havent heard of Einkorn before it is supposed to be the most ancient of the grains and if you like a unique flavor and texture, you will love it! It also behaves very different from modern wheat. It has less gluten and also one of a different type, which you will notice right away when mixing the dough of this Einkorn Sourdough Bread.

If you like the taste of Einkorn or other Ancient Grains check out my recipes here

Where do I purchase my Einkorn Berries ?

I dont typically buy flour as I have a Komo Mill to make my own flour at the Studio. Therefore I prefer buying wheat berries as that way I dont need to store them in the refrigerator vs if I purchased the flour.

However if you want to purchase Einkorn flour there are several options. First google and if you are lucky enough to have a local mill, its always better to support our local businesses when possible.

What is the name of the local mill I have near the Studio in Lansdale, PA?

Our local mill is called Castle Valley Mill, which is located in Doylestown, PA and they have a good variety and amazing quality of grains and flours . They have an online store and ship nationwide.

The Dough Is Hard To Shape What Can I Do

While einkorn is high in protein, its gluten properties arent the same as modern wheat. This results in a dough that can be overly sticky and wet by the end of bulk fermentation. If youre having trouble shaping, try reducing the hydration of the dough next time . This will help bring a lot of strength to the dough, making it more manageable during shaping.

A Bit About Our Bread:

All of our breads are free from preservatives and stabilizers.

Because of this, our einkorn breads do not last as long as conventional store bought breads.

To get you the freshest bread possible we deliver the bread to you frozen.

Due to the freezing process, the breads texture can be a bit crumbly.

We recommend slicing the bread as needed while it is still frozen, then heating it in the oven to restore the best texture.

If you thaw the loaf whole, we recommend eating it within 3 days.

Although with this yummy hand made bread, it isn’t likely to last long!


Millers Bio Farm aims to source the healthiest and highest quality baked goods.

All of our bakery items are made with 100% all natural ingredients!

Our baked goods are always GMO-Free and Soy-Free.

The ingredients in our bakery products are sourced as locally as possible, and often come from the bakers own homestead!

All of our baked goods are made in small batches by local Amish bakeries.

These local bakeries use traditional baking techniques like soaked nuts and flour, sourdough fermentation, and doughs kneaded and rolled by hand.

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Einkorn Sourdough Bread Recipe

This dough formula would also make an excellent pan bread.

This recipe yields a relatively challenging dough to work with. However, the following section will discuss some of the observations I’ve made and techniques used when working with this grain. Additionally, and as always, feel free to adjust the timing and formula to align with your particular flour and comfort level.

My goal was to produce a hearth style loaf, but if you find the dough very slack and hard to handle, you can always use a bread pan to make sandwich bread. The structure of the pan will help keep the dough from spreading and make shaping much easier.

Panera Bread Fd 2020 $15

Einkorn Wheat Sourdough Bread , 750g

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Observations And My Approach


In my testing, I found the best results, regarding final taste and texture, with the dough at 75% hydration. While 75% hydration may not seem drastically high, always remember this number is directly related to the grain you’re using. In other words, the percentage doesn’t mean much taken out of context it only becomes meaningful when compared to the flour you’re using . Further, there is no point to increasing hydration if you don’t see a benefit from it we don’t push the number to push the number. At 75% hydration, the dough is slack and sticky and requires a deft hand when preshaping and shaping.

If this is the first time you are working with einkorn at 100%, I’d suggest you start with 65-70% hydration and work it up through a few successful bakes, if desired.


Mixing this dough by hand is challenging because of the sticky nature and low gluten properties of the grain. I found the best approach was to keep my very hands wet through the mixing process. If you have a Danish dough whisk it might help aid mixing. I also avoid slap and fold kneading or any dough work on the counter it’s done all in the bowl, relying on several additional sets of stretch and folds during the bulk to finish strengthening.

Pre-shaping and Shaping

Fermentation Activity

Einkorn Sourdough Starter

Organic American Einkorn Sourdough


Our American Einkorn sourdough has the highest percentage of the einkorn grain in all of our offerings, which means it is super nutritious, nutty and fragrant.

Ingredients: 100% Organic American Grains – Einkorn + Hard White Whole Wheat

Our American Einkorn sourdough has the highest percentage of the einkorn grain in all of our offerings, which means it is super nutritious, nutty and fragrant.

Ingredients: 100% Organic American Grains – Einkorn + Hard White Whole Wheat

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Where To Buy Einkorn

The only surefire way to get einkorn with any consistency is to purchase bags of flour or berries from Jovial Foods, the leading supplier in this ancient grain. In fact, it was the company’s founder Carla Bartolucci who put einkorn wheat back on the culinary map after she sought a substitute for refined and modified wheat flour.

You can find other sources for einkorn by visiting visit your local health food market or shop online.

The Dough Is Very Sticking When Mixing How Can I Make This Easier

Making Einkorn Sourdough Bread as a Pro

I find hand-mixing this dough in the bowl to be easiest. A Danish dough whisk might help keep your hands clean during the initial stages of mixing. From there, keep your hand moist when doing folds in the bowl to prevent the dough from sticking. My recipe relies more on stretch and folds during bulk fermentation than strengthening the dough up front so dont worry if the dough isnt super smooth at mix-time.

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Looking For A Bread Made With Real Ingredients

Look no further, Miller’s Bio Farm has it covered!

Our whole Einkorn sourdough breads are made locally right here in PA by Walnut Run Bakery. The dough ferments for just 2-3 hours , and that’s because the gluten from this ancient non-hybridized flour is broken down much sooner than conventional flours.

This bread is wholesome and earthy in texture and flavor. The taste simply cannot compare to store bought white bread!

This bread is wonderful for sandwiches or simply toasted and paired with Miller’s grass-fed butter!

*Comes frozen

Whole Grains Are Healthy Sprouting Makes Whats Already Healthy About Whole Grains Even Better Naturally

Silver Hills Bakery sprouts the whole grains we use in our sprouted breads, buns, bagels and tortillas to help you get more of the nutrition thats already there. Sprouted whole grains give you more, better-for-you nutrition thats easier to digest, and gives you steady energy to fuel your full life.

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Most Ancient Species Of Wheat

Einkorn wheat is the most ancient species of wheat. All wheat that we consume today is descended from einkorn wheat which has about 14 chromosomes as compared to other wheat which has 28-42. This is important since some studies show that ancient wheat, with its fewer chromosomes, has lower levels of gliadins. Gliadins are proteins that can cause sensitivities in those who struggle with gluten. Gluten is defined as a stretchy protein that is left behind after starch is washed away from a wheat flour dough. When you consume bread, the gluten proteins break down into smaller units called peptides, which are strings of amino acids. Certain proteins in most wheat products have been found to cause harm to those with sensitive guts.

What Does Einkorn Taste Like

Einkorn Bread

Einkorn’s flavor is similar to commercial wheat, though it imparts a deeper, nutty and toasty essence. That’s why einkorn flour works so well in warm, comforting dishes like pancakes and banana bread. Whole einkorn berries are also similar to regular wheat berries, and offer a pleasing crunch when heated and popped. They can be soaked, simmered like rice, and made into a toothsome salad.

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A Guide To Buying Using And Storing Einkorn

The Spruce Eats / Lindsay Kreighbaum

Despite all the buzz around ancient and heirloom grains, einkorn wheat doesn’t get much attention. Considered the oldest grain known in the history of agriculture, this superfood is delicious in all kinds of baked goods. Einkorn also is the only wheat known to not have been hybridized. It may prove a little tricky to find, but keep an eye out and add einkorn to your list of must-try foods.

Help For Gluten Problems

A few years ago, I started hearing about the ancient species of wheat called einkorn. People who were gluten intolerant were writing me letters about it and saying it was allowing them to eat bread again without the problems regular wheat had caused them, and I wanted to know more. I learned a lot about einkorn when I started working with it to make sourdough bread. It was then that I fell completely in love with this bread and became obsessed, making a fresh loaf every few days. It took me a while to figure out how to make it work with my sourdough starter, but figure it out I did. I’ve been making it for almost two years now and you can actually make it by converting your sourdough starter to an Einkorn sourdough starter, and I can show you how. But since that time I’ve had so many requests for an einkorn starter that I decided to make one you can buy and use without converting it. But before we get to that, I want to tell you why I love this bread so much.

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How To Use Einkorn

Treat einkorn like any other wheat: mill it into flour for baking, or eat the berries whole after the husk is removed. Einkorn flour can be used in place of whole wheat flour in just about any dish, from pie crust to cake batter to waffles. The rich flavor of this heirloom cereal makes for a hearty, slightly nutty bread that makes wonderful sandwiches.

Different Type Of Gluten

Whole Grain Einkorn Sourdough Bread

The wheat we eat today is far different from ancient einkorn wheat. Wheat is a hexaploid, containing sets of chromosomes with three complete genomes termed A, B, and D in the nucleus of each cell. Modern wheat has been crossed with two different goat grasses. Goat grasses contain the D genome, which is the source of most gluten intolerance. Einkorn does not contain this troublesome D genome, only the A genome, and most testing for gluten intolerance is based on the D genome. And while einkorn does contain gluten, it is a different type of gluten and allows for easier digestion and nutrient absorption. Einkorn has 50% less phytic acid than regular wheat which also wreaks havoc on people’s guts. When you use a sourdough starter to make a loaf of bread, you deactivate phytic acid. Phytic acid can inhibit absorption of vital nutrients and can even lead to nutrient deficiencies, so making bread with a sourdough culture and einkorn flour is a win-win when it comes to deactivating phytic acid.

So why did they change and hybridize our wheat from ancient Einkorn wheat? The biggest reason is that einkorn only gives a fifth of the yield as compared to modern wheat. In their efforts to get higher yields, wheat was modified without realizing the effect it would have on our health. Einkorn flour has not been altered or hybridized thereby being one of the most natural grains available.

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High In Protein Vitamins And Minerals And Delays Diabetes

Einkorn has 30 percent more protein and is high in vitamin B6, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals. These are all crucial nutrients our bodies need to keep our immune systems running strong. I love that one sandwich can give me 30% of the magnesium I need in a day along with extra protein to keep me full and satisfied. I’ve seen a decrease in how much food my family craves throughout the day since I started making einkorn sourdough bread. We seem to thrive on this ancient bread. And here’s another interesting finding – studies have found that ancient wheat decreases cell production relating to glucose and fat metabolism, and also helps prevent or delay diabetes development while increasing digestion and nutrient absorption.

What Is Einkorn

Einkorn wheat once grew wild around the world, but, like many other heirloom grains, it was weeded out as farmers cultivated modern crops and easier-to-harvest varietals. Still, this ancient grain is prized for its nutrients, lower levels of gluten, and non-GMO status.

Today the plant grows mainly in Morocco, France, and Turkey, and throughout parts of what used to be the Soviet Union. Unlike most of the cereals we now know, einkorn can prosper in terrain unfriendly to other plants, which makes this superfood a real boon in harsher landscapes. The plant has tighter husks and smaller berries than modern wheat, which help it survive these conditions. Originally, einkorn stalks grew in the Tigris-Euphrates regions all the way back to 7500 BC.

Einkorn’s cultivation began during the Neolithic Revolution, when emmer wheat became a stable crop after hybridizing with goat grass. Eventually, the resulting plant einkorn became less popular. How do we know? Ötzi the Iceman lived more than 5,000 years ago, and his body was well-preserved in a glacier in the Italian Alps. Einkorn was found in his stomach evidence that humans have been cultivating and eating this grain for thousands of years.

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